St. PETERSBURG – The Yankees hope they will be able to predict that Anthony Rizzo will be able to find relief from the persistent back discomfort that has hindered his playing time this season following an epidural on the day. Rizzo was in California to visit renowned Orthopedic spine doctor Dr. Robert Watkins, who suggested the shots to Rizzo, the Yankees the first baseman.

“So it was an epidural in the morning California.” California. Then he came back to the hospital today. We are hopeful that this will work and aid him in moving further,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone spoke about Friday’s game opener at Rays Rays in Tropicana Field. “As I mentioned that he had an MRI two weeks ago, which I think provided Anthony and us confidence and was actually able to come back more positive than the condition he had during spring training. That’s why I think that there’s a lot of hope about the shot that will actually of work in terms of getting the pain under control and hopefully, when we’re ready to begin the homestand, he’ll be able to play.”


Rizzo has lost 10 games because of what Rizzo described as back spasms he experienced every year for the past couple of years in his professional career. On this road trip the pain got so severe that Rizzo was able to hit home runs in consecutive nights, was forced to wear an back wrap and infrared heating between innings.

“I believe it was just treatment of pain and an issue that was causing him to be tired,” Boone said. “The back specialist Watkins, located in California is the best there is and feels as if this would be a success. They also feel at ease about the future from the MRIs. However, this will give him a sense of peace throughout the way through this season.”


Within the last 19 contests played since Rizzo has missed five games because of the problem, he’s at .212/394/.691 along with 3 home runs. All in all, Rizzo is hitting .225/.339/.493 with a .832 OPS and 30 home runs.

Doctor. Watkins is the back specialist who is working with a variety of athletes. In the local community, he is referred to for being the physician who attempted to assist David Wright at the end of his career overcome spinal stenosis.

Jameson Taillon said he expects to make his scheduled starting on the Monday. Taillon, a right-hander, reported that he was able throw all of his pitches on Thursday, which was a test after being struck with a line drive to the forearm of his right on Tuesday.

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“We have to create a bullpen, but as far as my personal schedule is concerned, I’m in line,” Taillon said.

Taillon has been throwing his normal bullpen on Saturday, however, when throwing on Tuesday, he noticed no problems. After a long string with injuries, the pitcher believes that he was lucky.

“Immediately after that, I was somewhat worried when I heard the news that there were no broken bones We’re basically given the green light to go all-in in managing it and getting the inflammation out,” Taillon said. “So yes, we certainly were lucky.”

Luis Severino’s rehabilitation start was delayed for an hour due to storms but the righty made it through two innings Friday night. In two innings, he gave up one hit as well as struck out 3 during the game against Class A low Tampa.

Severino is listed on the injured list for 60 days due to an “low grade” injured lat muscle, and is expected to return back around the middle to the end of March.


Matt Carpenter, who first joined the team in Tropicana Field back in May, rolled into the team for the current series. He’s in an active boot for walking and is using the scooter for mobility However, Boone confirmed that they are expecting the team to re-evaluate him this week.

“He’s fed up with his cart. It’s likely that he’s ready to get rid of it. I’d say he’s likely going to have another X-Ray at some point, possibly during the homestand.” Boone said.