ZEN Balms, an all-natural black-owned product spearheaded by Dave Stewart and Keenan Allen, are now available in US and Giant Eagle stores at CVS Health Hub

ZEN hemp balm

“As a safe, effective, clean, black-owned product, my goal is to make sure ZEN Balms are in the locker rooms of every collegiate and pro team. ZEN Balm is the most effective product I’ve ever tried,” says partner and brand ambassador Keenan Allen.

ZEN Enterprises, the makers of ZEN Balms, is pleased to announce that the all-natural pain relieving balms are now available at select CVS Health Hubs and Giant Eagle Stores nationwide. The company is expanding its retail presence, adding to the current roster of retailers nationwide, including Rite Aids nationwide, AAFES Commissaries worldwide and Amazon.com.

“The company’s mission has always been to help people suffering from a variety of pains around the world,” says Dave Stewart, CEO of ZEN Enterprises so that more can be assured that they are getting the best to relieve their pain. Though the company is excited about taking up more shelf space, Stewart reflects on the journey, sharing, “It hasn’t always been easy. Aside from being superior to the competition, we’ve had to struggle to get the attention of major retailers. I am hopeful and look forward to the recent initiatives by large companies to develop defined channels for future black and brown entrepreneurs.”

ZEN Balms are an FDA-approved formula with a proprietary blend of 15 all-natural ingredients that work together to deliver big impact: big relief. The topical balm is packed with essential oils that are free from chemicals, dyes, and fragrances from other brands. Be sure to find your ZEN Balms at CVS Health Hubs and Giant Eagle locations across the country, and use the store locator on the ZEN websites to find the store closest to you.

ZEN Balms are the fastest growing brand of all-natural topical analgesics in their (over-the-counter) category. ZEN Balm’s endorsements and partnerships have introduced the brand to a global audience. ZEN brand ambassadors are among the most notable names in sports and entertainment. Partnering with Hollywood legend LisaRaye McCoy, Los Angeles Chargers WR Keenan Allen and current ZEN CEO, legendary Oakland A pitcher Dave Stewart has increased the visibility of their superior products and increasing demand continues to create opportunities for this Black-owned businesses differentiate themselves from their competitors.

About ZEN Balms

What began as a family-owned brand and formula was originally developed in the late ’90s by boxing promoter and trainer Louis Lake, best known for the 1973 fight between Ken Norton and Muhammad Ali, one of the biggest upsets in boxing history . ZEN balms have a variety of health benefits, contain no harmful chemicals, and cause no long-term side effects or harm to your body. ZEN Balms, the all-natural formula for targeted pain relief blended with 15 of nature’s finest essential oils, is the leading manufacturer of its kind on the market today. Its ability to instantly relieve a range of pains such as sprains, sore feet, arthritis, joint strains, back pain, strains, migraines, fibromyalgia, menstrual cramps and more is possible thanks to its patented formula and composition of ingredients. Available at retailers across the country including all Rite Aids, select national CVS Health Hubs, Giant Eagle, AAFES Commissaries worldwide, as well as online retail giant Amazon.com.

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