CBD edibles are perfect for helping you relax, giving you peace of mind, and relieving muscle or nerve pain, but you might be afraid to try them for the taste. But cannabis no longer just tastes like pine or weed with sour and sour notes. Whether you love bitter, sour, pungent, or sweet, there’s likely a CBD flavor to suit your palette. Think of CBD edibles as desserts – you make time for self-sufficiency because you deserve rest and relaxation, so why shouldn’t your CBD of choice taste like your happy place too? Here are 12 delicious flavors to try the next time you’re looking for CBD edibles.

1. Blue Razz

Blue Razz sounds like a delicious flavor of snowcone or slushie you might get at an amusement park. Wouldn’t it be great if CBD edibles were commonplace at amusement parks, like funnel cakes or hot dogs? All the stress of the crowds and heat would be washed away so you can fully enjoy your trip. Maybe you should take something with you next time.

2. Mango punch

Mango Punch definitely feels tropical. Imagine lying on a beach surrounded by palm trees and the sound of crashing waves, and instead of a pina colada or margarita, you grab some mango CBD edibles. Sounds like the perfect way to completely unwind and enjoy the beach.

3. CBD Chocolate Truffles

If you prefer something sweet that melts in your mouth rather than something chewy, check out Lulu’s handmade chocolate truffles. They are vegan and contain chocolate hazelnut butter. Imagine the bliss of eating a piece of chocolate doubled by the relaxing benefits of CBD. Great.

4. CBD Saltwater Toffee

BeeZBee creates saltwater toffee in all your favorite flavors, infused with CBD and THC-free. The slow melting of a piece of saltwater toffee combined with your mind slowly drifting into a state of peace and tranquility has got to be so relaxing.

5. Green apple and peach

Looking for something more subtle, but still cute? These edible gummies come in both green apple and peach flavors, and in addition to being THC-free, they’re also fortified with vitamins, making them pretty healthy. They should be taken once a day, which sounds like the most delicious and relaxing vitamins ever.

6. CBD sparkling water

If you love carbonated water like Bubly and La Croix, you might want to try CBD sparkling water. They come in signature sparkling water flavors like peach ginger, black cherry, coconut lime, and blood orange.

7. CBD honey

Maybe you’re more of a tea drinker? If you put a lot of honey in your tea or even just on top of other foods like yogurt or sandwiches, consider CBD honey. Potli creates CBD-infused honey without THC. What’s more relaxing than a night at home and a cup of tea or a honey drizzled dessert? One naturally drizzled with CBD honey.

8. Mint edibles

Looking for something a little more refreshing and minty? Edible CBD mints exist, and they often contain very small doses of both CBD and THC. You can take just a tiny bit at a time as you go about your day rather than taking time to eat a whole edible treat.

9. CBD cookie dough

Of course, you can make CBD-infused cookies, but there’s something even better – raw, edible cookie dough that’s infused with CBD. Good Bites CBD makes edible cookie dough bites that are crunchy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Each contains 25 milligrams of CBD. It’s funny to think that eating raw cookie dough used to be considered dangerous and consuming CBD used to be considered dangerous, but now we sure can have both in one bite.

10. CBD-Infused Fruit Chips

If you want something all-natural and good for your body, you should look into dried fruits that are infused with CBD. Bananas, apricots, pineapples, cherries, cranberries, and mangoes can all be dried and infused with CBD—although you might not want to try it yourself.

11. Spicy Cinnamon

If you’d rather add some kick to your snacks, there are even CBD candies that contain chili spice. Flavors like spicy passion fruit and cinnamon provide an excellent kick, followed by relaxation.

12. Zaza berries

If you are a cannabis connoisseur, you may be familiar with the rare strain of marijuana known as “zaza”. Zaza is considered an extremely high quality marijuana and has unique notes of blueberry, lemon, diesel and pine, making for a smell that is a combination of sweet and earthy. Now there is no need to hunt down this rare (and likely expensive) marijuana strain to experience its unique smell and taste. You can find CBD gummies that taste like zaza berries, so you can taste that unique blueberry and lemon flavor.

If you’re looking to switch up your usual CBD oil routine with a CBD edible treat or a uniquely flavored gummy bear, one of these is sure to suit your taste. You can even try them all if you want – whatever helps you relax!