Avicanna To Launch RHO Phyto CBD/THC Products With The Addition Of CBG In Canada

Avicanna Inc. AVCNF AVCN (ESF: 0NN) will add cannabigerol to its RHO Phyto formula collection in Canada (“CBG”) formulations in medical and adult use channels across Canada.

Avicanna is expanding its RHO Phyto brand to include multiple CBG formulations that will be available through a variety of medical cannabis channels, including purchaser medical cannabis and adult-use channels, beginning with its two Ontario Cannabis Store listings in Q3 2022.

As the Canadian cannabis market continues to expand, Avicanna leverages its R&D capabilities to deliver differentiated medical and wellness products, including rare cannabinoid formulations, into established commercial channels. The initial CBG formulations include:

RHO Phyto Rapid Act THC:CBG Spray: A combination of THC and CBG in a lemon-mint flavored spray that utilizes Avicanna’s sublingual delivery technology to provide a rapid onset of effects.

RHO Phyto Micro Drop THC:CBG:CBD Oil: A combination of THC, CBG and CBD in a blood orange flavored oil that utilizes Avicanna’s inverted emulsion technology to provide enhanced absorption and shelf life stability.

RHO Phyto CBG Transdermal Relief Gel: A combination of CBG and CBD in a fast-absorbing, water-based gel. Harnessing Avicanna’s proven deep-tissue technology, the gel combines cannabinoids with synergistic natural ingredients and terpenes, including menthol and beta-caryophyllene.

Photo: Courtesy of Thiago Patriota on Unsplash

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