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With up to 60% of dogs suffering from joint problems in old age, arthritis is a common debilitating problem in dogs. Inflammation can cause pain and swelling, limit mobility, and make it difficult for puppies to stand, run, and even use the bathroom.

As a natural anti-inflammatory agent, CBD offers a simple, effective solution that is helping dogs across the country improve mobility and relieve pain associated with canine osteoarthritis.

Any type of high quality CBD oil can be anti-inflammatory in dogs. However, there are several CBD oils that are better for dogs, some of which are made specifically for arthritis. Here are our top picks for CBD oils for dogs with arthritis, pain, or inflammation.

Best CBD Oils For Dogs With Arthritis, Pain, or Inflammation

Best for chronic pain: CBD distillery CBD animal tincture

Best overall: Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops

Best for inflammation: Innovet pet PURCBD

Best in Canada: Honest Botanicals CBD oil for dog fat

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What Makes a CBD Oil Right for Arthritis and Pain in Dogs?

Cannabis compounds affect dogs and people by attaching to receptors in the body. These receptors are known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and are found in all major organs and are part of the body’s response to stress and internal imbalance. Some CBD studies suggest Oil can reduce pain and swelling by changing how the ECS activates inflammation in the body.

Several cannabis compounds are known to affect the ECS, with CBD being the most well known. However, CBD is just one of several cannabinoids that have a calming, calming effect. Another useful compound is CBD-A, which studies have shown to reduce inflammation in a similar way to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

Full-spectrum CBD oils that combine CBD with additional cannabis compounds like CBD-A tend to offer more holistic and far-reaching effects. For this reason, we have selected a selection of oils, each with above-average levels of CBD and CBD-A, as well as a THC level that is safer for pets. Additionally, we also considered key factors such as the accuracy of a product’s label, the type of oil the product uses to carry a CBD extract, and any promotional offers from the brand. You might also want this buying guide for that best CBD oil for dogs.

Best for chronic pain: CBD distillery CBD animal tincture

  • Label accuracy: 96.2% accurate
  • Cannabinoids: 6/7 useful cannabinoids
  • Carrier oil: hemp seed oil
  • Shopping Experience: Free Shipping On Orders Over $ 75. Subscribe and save 20%.

Thanks to a precise extraction process, CBDistillery’s pet tincture contains high amounts of CBD and CBD-A. The presence of these two cannabinoids in significant amounts makes this our top choice for treating pain in dogs. This CBD oil is full spectrum, which means it contains a whole plant extract, just like it comes in a hemp seed oil carrier – an excellent source of omega fatty acids.

Best overall: Charlotte’s Web Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Drops

  • Label accuracy: 100% accurate
  • Cannabinoids: 7/7 useful cannabinoids
  • Carrier Oil: MCT / Coconut Oil
  • Shopping Experience: Free Shipping For Orders Over $ 74. Subscribe and save 10%.

Charlotte’s Web is one of the largest and most popular CBD brands around, and this dog-specific formula lives up to its high standards. Its products contain a full range of secondary cannabinoids, including CBD-A, which makes them super versatile. Charlotte’s Web also takes care of quality control and customer service so you can’t go wrong with this trusted brand. Read the full review below

Best for inflammation: Innovet pet PURCBD

  • Label accuracy: 97.6% accurate
  • Cannabinoids: 5/7 useful cannabinoids
  • Carrier oil: hemp seed oil
  • Shopping experience: Free shipping with no minimum amounts. Subscribe and save 15%.

Innovet Pet’s PURCBD is a dietary supplement with serious anti-inflammatory potential. This CBD oil contains more CBD-A than any other oil we tested. CBD-A helps reduce swelling around the joints and is a good indicator of a quality extraction process. Thanks to the great value for money and the 6000 mg concentration size option, Innovet is also a great choice for larger dogs. Innovet also offers free shipping with no minimum order value and a 15 percent discount for regular buyers.

Best CBD Oil For Dogs In Canada: Honest Botanicals Bacon Flavored CBD Oil for Dogs

One of the fastest growing sectors in the Canadian cannabis industry is CBD for dogs. As the benefits of CBD spread across dog parks and pet store aisles, cannabis companies are flocking to meet demand.

This dog-friendly product from Honest Botanicals of Vancouver uses the brand’s common premium isolate, CBD, extracted from Canada-grown hemp and infused into a delicate stomach-friendly MCT carrier oil. Available in three strengths (250–1000 mg), owners can choose the right concentration for their dog’s size and needs and get the best value for money.

The added natural bacon flavor solves any problems with picky or suspicious puppies and makes it easy to dose their favorite meal or even drip the oil straight into the dog’s mouth. Find Honest Botanicals CBD Oil for Dogs online at CBD oil Canada.

What Research Says About CBD and Arthritis in Dogs

Swollen and sore joints are not necessarily life threatening for dogs. But they often get worse over time and eventually prevent puppies from leading pain-free lives. Supplementing with CBD products can help reduce inflammation that surrounds the joints on a daily basis, and the improvements can also be long-lasting, according to owners and researchers.

Scientific studies

When Cornell Veterinary College investigated the effects of CBD on arthritis in dogs in 2018 and found that dogs had increased levels of comfort and activity, according to animal health experts.

In 2020 if Researcher When studying the effects of CBD on dogs already taking medication for joint pain prescribed by their veterinarian, they found that CBD helps reduce symptoms of pain and swelling even further.

Most impressive, however, is a study by Baylor College of Medicine who tested the effects of CBD on dogs with arthritis for four weeks. This study found that CBD significantly improved most canine conditions, as observed by both owners and veterinarians. In some dogs, CBD was so successful that the benefits lasted for 14 days after the supplement was stopped.

Anti-inflammatory Abilities

Studies like the one above, as well as research into the effects of CBD on humans and mice, show that cannabis compounds can have powerful anti-inflammatory effects in mammals. It is this immunosuppressive ability that makes CBD such a versatile dietary supplement because many common canine diseases are based on inflammation.

As a result, CBD has been used by owners to treat inflammation associated with:

  • Arthritis and joint disease
  • Autoimmune diseases
  • Anxiety-related stress
  • Cancer and the side effects of cancer treatment
  • Injuries and recovery after surgery

Aside from these specific canine conditions, all dogs can benefit from soothing supplements like CBD. Other great natural options are chondroitin and hemp seed oil, which both work well for reducing inflammation and stress.