CBD oils from oHHo can help keep physical, mental strains in check

Companies like oHHo fly their flag as industry leaders in the growing business, offering natural CBD oils, topicals, edibles and more that balance potency with full transparency.

After centuries in the shadows, cannabis and cannabis-derived products like CBD oil are finally stepping into the spotlight. Despite being demonized for decades as state and federal agencies grappled with legalities, there is no question that the age of boutique CBD products designed to overcome a variety of health and wellness issues has gone mainstream.

While medical studies are still ongoing into the wide-ranging effectiveness of CBD oil, organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) have classified CBD as safe and found no associations with negative health effects. Of course, centuries of anecdotal use around the world support even loftier claims, with CBD users raving about the compound’s ability to regulate sleep, calm anxiety, relieve body aches and soreness, and more.

With interest in CBD products feverish, companies like oHHo are flying their flag as industry leaders in the growing business, offering natural CBD oils, topicals, edibles and more that balance potency with full transparency.

Working with a finely curated collection of American small farmers and a team of world-class biochemists, oHHo produces sustainable, high-potency CBD and plant products that can help rebalance mind and body.

Unlike some of their competitors who use artificial additives, oHHo strives for absolute purity, using only hemp extract and MCT oil in the creation of their four full-spectrum CBD tinctures. Each of their four varieties – New York, Oregon, Colorado and Vermont – is sourced from farms in these areas and not only helps trace each oil’s exact lineage back to its organic, sustainable sources, but also offers a taste of the unique combination each region by plants, soils and other environmental factors.

For example, New York offers woody, hoppy, rose and pine flavor notes, while Colorado brings a combination of spicy, floral, pepper and citrus notes.

But while each premium oil stands on its own, all are tailored to provide what CBD oils are known for: a full-body comfort that balances physical aches and pains while relaxing the mind and mental stressors that can often arise.

Within minutes of placing a dropperful under the tongue, users will experience up to six hours of soothing relief. For physical pain sufferers, oHHo CBD oils can act as an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and pain reliever, with positive results reported by those suffering from chronic back pain, neuropathy, fibromyalgia, and even those living with the effects of cancer.

At the same time, CBD oils help balance a user’s mental state and help the body deal with a range of conditions, from common sleep problems and epilepsy to more general mental health issues like depression, anxiety, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

“I’ve had trouble sleeping through the night for the last few years and (Full Spectrum CBD Oil – New York) has really helped me,” shared oHHo user Lynn. “I would highly recommend this oil to anyone who needs help getting a good night’s sleep.”

You can feel the effects of CBD oil for yourself by going to the oHHo website and buying your first bottle of oHHo CBD and using the code NEWATLAS20 to save 20% off your order.

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