CBD Products Inc. launches cannabinoid Balance Pet + for the growing CBD pet market

Cannabinoid Balance Pet + from CBD Products Inc.

Cannabinoid Balance Pet + is the result of the ever increasing knowledge of the pet endocannabinoid system, innate ability to interact with the cannabidiol compound, and growing market opportunity. “

In response to growing awareness of the impact of CBD on pets and the continued surge in consumer spending on pet care, California-based CBD Products Inc. has launched a brand new product specifically for the pet market.

Cannabinoid Balance Pet + is a broad-spectrum CBD tincture specially formulated to relieve symptoms in pets suffering from anxiety, chronic inflammation, arthritis, joint pain, nausea, high blood pressure and digestive problems.

The difference between Cannabinoid Balance Pet + and most of the other options on the market is that Pet + uses proprietary NanoZorb ™ technology. This nanotechnology helps break down the CBD molecules into smaller components and add a coating that allows the lipid-based molecules to become more soluble with higher bioavailability and thus higher potency.

Cannabinoid Balance Pet + tincture is made from organic hemp, GMO-free sunflower lecithin and coconut MCT oil and is available in a 30 ml bottle with 250 mg CBD.

Anthony Tribunella of CBD Products says, “The launch of Cannabinoid Balance Pet + is the result of continued knowledge about the pet endocannabinoid system and the innate ability to interact with the cannabidiol compound. It also agrees with a deeper belief that pets should experience the same standard of well-being as their owners, something I personally believe in and bode well for business. ”

In the case of CBD, early science continues to show that pets – and dogs in particular – like their human owners, respond well to CBD and provide relief from symptoms such as pain and inflammation, stress and anxiety, gastrointestinal problems, and psychotic behavior. But since the research is still in its infancy, we wanted to check: What exactly are the updates from the most recent research?

One of the first major studies of CBD and dogs, published by Cornell University in 2018, shows that giving CBD to dogs with osteoarthritis relieved pain in 80% of the dogs in the study with no noticeable side effects.

Additionally, in 2018 Colorado State University’s James L. Voss Veterinary Teaching Hospital conducted clinical studies to measure the effectiveness of using CBD in reducing the frequency and intensity of seizures in dogs with epilepsy. Of sixteen dogs in the study, nine received CBD with less than 0.3 percent THC as a treatment, while seven received a placebo; both groups also received conventional anti-epileptic drug therapy. According to the study, CBD helped this group of dogs reduce seizure frequency by 89%, versus the 43% reduction in seizures seen in the placebo group. The study is ongoing and further results will provide a more complete picture – but so far researchers are very optimistic.

While new research is still a little slow on the scene, more results came out in March of this year from Colorado State University that reported a reduction in osteoarthritic pain in dogs with the use of CBD-rich hemp oil extract. The university conducted a 90-day pilot clinical study in 37 dogs diagnosed with maladaptive pain associated with osteoarthritis. Thirty of the 32 dogs that completed the study showed improved pain scores. 23 of the dogs also took the nerve pain medication gabapentin during the experiment and 10 of these dogs were able to do without gabapentin completely because of the CBD oil and 11 were able to reduce their daily dose of the drug.

Another paper published in May 2020 by researchers at the Center for Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine at the University of Nottingham in the UK reported that adding certain CBD oils and doses to an NSAID treatment regimen for dogs with osteoarthritis has the potential that the Pain according to the owner’s assessment. Veterinary evaluations didn’t reveal any significant changes, but the paper said they needed improved evidence in order to make any decisions.

Finally, in September of this year, a group of veterinary researchers from Baylor College of Medicine, the University of Texas, and the Boston University School of Medicine published results of a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the effects of daily cannabidiol use in osteoarthritic dogs in the journal PAIN . According to their findings, the dogs experienced greatly reduced pain and increased mobility.

What some researchers and vets have found, however, is that hemp extracts with a higher THC ratio – around 1 part THC to 20 parts CBD – along with other cannabinoids and terpenes would be more effective at preventing seizures than isolate extracts, but because of the legal status of cannabis and the associated stigma of THC and its uses, these potentially more potent options cannot yet be explored, let alone administered.

Anthony Tribunella – Founder, CBD Products Inc; “As the science of CBD continues to gain momentum in pets, we strive to stay at the forefront of product development and science and are proud to announce that the cannabinoid Balance Pet + is launched.”

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