CBD use in Ireland more than doubles as people turn to 'alternative' stress relief products

The number of people turning to alternative CBD products for stress relief has more than doubled in Ireland during the pandemic.

Irish CBD company Little Collins has seen an exploding customer base over the past two years as more people turn to natural methods to relieve their mental stress and, in some cases, Covid-related pain.

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a natural remedy used for many common ailments and derived from cannabis, but it is not psychoactive and therefore does not cause a high.

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Ferdia Mooney, manager of the company’s Dublin hub, said more and more people are turning to alternatives like CBD products to help with both stress relief and pain management.

He said: “To say business has doubled would be even a conservative estimate. It’s grown exponentially.

“Before the pandemic we had the Galway cafe and online delivery via An Post and there was a Kilkenny cafe in the works.

“When the pandemic hit business boomed and we now also have an office in Dublin and Galway and the workforce has tripled to include our own delivery driver.

“Alternative stress relief is a big thing now.

“I know I’d rather have a cup of tea before bed than go to the doctor and get a lot of pills prescribed.

“We’re definitely getting people to use it as an alternative way to relax and calm down. The buds are the most popular, accounting for around 50% of online business.

“After that, the teas are very popular. The Irish love tea. Then CBD oil would be the third most popular.”

Irish CBD company Little Collins

And he said all walks of life use their products, including housewives and college students.

He revealed: “From college students facing exams who need to unwind, to stressed-out housewives, we have a wide range of people who buy our products.

“Our ethos is choice. From my own perspective, I am plagued by chronic pain every day.

“And if I had to choose between this method or medication, which I’m not opposed to, by the way, I would choose this one.

“Medicines just don’t work for me.”

Ferdia also explained why some people mistakenly believe the substance is cannabis and a drug.

He added: “It’s a natural alternative.

“It has all the benefits of the cannabis plant but no psychoactive effects.

“Basically all the relaxation of cannabis but none of the high.”

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