cbdMD starts a round of the Appaws Animal Charity program

CHARLOTTE, NC —Paw CBD, a division of cbdMD, Inc. (NYSE American: YCBD, YCBDpA), one of the leading, most trusted and recognized cannabidiol (CBD) brands, proudly announces its brand new partnership program dedicated to rescuing rescues and shelters who are dedicated to saving animals by bringing pets and humans together.

Paw CBD will partner with a different shelter or rescue service each month to showcase their mission and “welcome” their work and efforts to rescue animals in need. Each partner will have their organization highlighted on the partner page of the Round of Appaws, along with additional ways the pet-loving community can show support such as: B. Direct donations, wish lists and other gifts.

A round of Appaws begins its first month with Kitten Rescue LA, a nonprofit dedicated to rescuing and adopting homeless cats in the Los Angeles area. Kitten Rescue was nominated by Paw CBD’s longtime friend and partner Nala Cat.

The A Round of Appaws partnership with Paw CBD allows a nominated rescue or animal shelter to choose a Paw CBD product to donate to. Both Paw CBD and the recognized organization will highlight the partnership during the month they are selected and Paw CBD will match and donate the selected product to the shelter based on qualifying purchases made through pawcbd.com.

“This is about helping pets and the pet-loving community. We know how difficult it can be for both the organization and the pets they care for, ”said Ashley Stafford, Associate Brand Manager, Paw CBD. “We pride ourselves on giving back to organizations that do so much good for animal health and welfare. We want our brand to be synonymous with giving back and offering real solutions for pets, owners and rescuers, and so this is the perfect partnership to highlight their continued efforts. “

Rescue and housing can be nominated for Round of Appaws recipients using a simple submission form on the website. Paw CBD will also raise awareness by featuring nominated rescues and shelters on its email newsletters and social media platforms to educate pet-loving communities about the work of the shelter and how to get involved.

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