Chesapeake City Council approves the CBD processing facility in the Greenbrier area

CHESAPEAKE, Virginia (WAVY) – A CBD (cannabidiol) processing facility in the Greenbrier area of ​​Chesapeake has taken a step closer to achieving this.

The Chesapeake City Council unanimously approved a proposal by W. Travis Chick and Peter Mantz on Tuesday to grant conditional permission to use the facility on a 0.5 acre property on South Park Court.

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According to the agenda, the system will be housed in an existing building in the industrial park.

Documents say the facility would receive processed CBD oil and then use it to make products such as balms, ointments, and edibles that would be shipped to the public in other locations for retail sale.

No retail products would be sold at the location.

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CBD products are regulated by the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and a license is required for this type of business.

The two owners of the facility and two other employees will work there.

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