Darren Clarke CBD launches new premium CBD oils

Darren Clarke CBD and Sana lifestyle have agreed on an exclusive partnership that will release two premium CBD oils.

Sana Lifestyle is a distributor and licensee of CBD and other herbal wellness products.

Darren Clarke CBD offers golfers credible, world-class products that act on the body’s endocannabinoid system – which can help improve the quality of sleep, relieve pain, reduce anxiety, and boost the immune system response.

On the course, CBD oil helps golfers sharpen their mindsets and maintain focus, while it has also been shown to reduce nervousness while playing.

In addition, CBD can help the golfer recover more efficiently after a round, as it has been reported to speed muscle recovery and relieve joint pain.

What sets Darren Clarke CBD apart from its competitors is that the products are carefully tested by outside regulatory agencies and contain 0% THC. This means that they are safe, non-psychoactive and ready to eat right away.

“I’m excited to be working with Sana Lifestyle to bring a range of oils to consumers who are actively exploring CBD-based wellness products that they can trust,” said Clarke. “I have always tried to make marginal profits on my golf game and we are always looking for ways to improve our personal wellbeing.

“It will give golfers of all abilities a better state of mind to stay calm under stress, deal with disappointment and focus on the game – I can’t wait to share our products with the golf community.”

San Lifestyle is one of the UK’s leading wellness distributors and its sister company Sana Healthcare is one of the UK’s most trusted distributors of cannabis products.

They bring credibility, transparency and expertise to a stigmatized industry.

Ben Hamburger, Managing Director at Sana Lifestyle, said, “Everyone at Sana Lifestyle is excited to bring Darren Clarke CBD to market and this is a fantastic opportunity to enter the golf market.

“Darren is the ideal ambassador for both our brand and the sport we all love, and we can’t wait to take our first steps in the golf industry together.”

Darren Clarke CBD is initially launching two flavors of premium CBD oil: Precision Orange and Precision Forest Fruits.

These flavors will be available in two strengths: 1000 mg and 2000 mg, with suggested retail prices of £ 49 and £ 69.

The oils will initially be available online at www.DarrenClarkeCBD.co.uk and will be available in a section of American Golf Stores nationwide.