Fallen Pollen Apothecary Raises the Bar on Quality for CBD Products

An emerging CBD brand, Fallen Pollen Apothecary, stands out from traditional CBD brands as it is committed to clean CBD products sourced from hemp farmers in the United States. Founders Kevin Muser and Christopher Braden have implemented a filtration and distillation process that produces CBD products with higher potency and smoother consistency.

In an oversaturated market, it can be difficult to stand out. New brands of CBD are emerging every day and it can be difficult to differentiate companies. Fallen Pollen Apothecary, a 1 year old CBD brand, is making a name for itself for promoting clean CBD products.

Dedicated to high quality CBD products

When co-founders Christopher Braden and Kevin Muser decided to start their own CBD brand, they wanted to bring high quality CBD products to market. The first step was to set up our own laboratory to ensure quality and the next step was to work with local farmers in the US. They conduct a rigorous phone audit with every farmer and extraction laboratory to ensure their business values ​​are in line with Fallen Pollen’s commitment to high quality. The founders then went a step further and developed a filtration process in their laboratory that removes more fats, lipids, and water-soluble impurities in order to offer their customers the best CBD oil on the market.

Highly effective CBD

“Fallen Pollen built our own laboratory for one reason: quality. Our laboratory allows us to control the purification of our oil extracted from hemp in order to offer our customers the best CBD products. The purer the oil extracted from hemp, the cleaner the end product. We really found a better tasting and stronger oil than any of our competitors with our filtering process. ”- Kevin Muser

In addition to being clean, these products are also more effective. After getting the CBD from their partners, they’re about 80 percent cannabinoids, which is good, but still contains some fats, lipids, water-soluble impurities, and bad tasting impurities. After their filtration process, the products are distilled again to obtain an oil that over 90 percent cannabinoids and up to 97 percent cannabinoids. When cannabinoids are not associated with these pollutants, they are more bioavailable to the body.

Put the consumer experience first

“We’re more proud of our hemp-extracted oil than almost any CBD company on the market, so we know our products are really special.” – Christopher Braden

Many companies strive for a CBD product to market and sell and don’t care about where their CBD is coming from, farmers across America, or customer experience with CBD. Fallen Pollen knows that many of its customers have their first experiences with CBD and take it very personally. To make sure their customers have a great experience, which includes their hemp being sourced from U.S. farmers, the products not only work, they smell and taste great and bring really positive changes to their lives.

Offer a wide variety of CBD products

CBD is not “one-size-fits-all”. To accommodate their customers, Fallen Pollen Apothecary sells a range of products from CBD tinctures (both full-spectrum and broad-spectrum tinctures) to topical gels, serums, and lotions. Their CBD relief gel (topical) has aroused particular public interest because they use innovative ingredients such as Swiss apple stem cells and organic arnica.

Fallen Pollen Apothecary claims to be a truly innovative, clean CBD brand.

* All Fallen Pollen Apothecary products meet the Farm Bill 2018 guidelines of no more than 0.3 percent THC on a dry weight basis.

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