Farm Hemp and Make CBD Oil for Profit in Nebraska | Mark Elworth Jr

This story is sponsored by the Legal Marijuana NOW Party of Nebraska.

The big question for farmers who want to grow hemp: how much can you get out of it? (Source: CBD Seeds)

Nebraska passed the Hemp Farming Act on May 30, 2019. Hemp can now be legally grown and processed into products in Nebraska.

This article aims to educate farmers on how much money can be made growing and processing hemp into CBD oil on a small plot of 5 to 10 acres.

Cannabis-infused products are big business (Source: Yahoo! Finance)

Hemp contains cannabinoids that are medicinal and can be processed into health products. The most popular cannabinoid is CBD (ie cannabidiol) and it can be converted into a range of products such as oil, creams, edibles and smoking products.

The constant demand for the products makes CBD a desirable commodity to grow (Source: Hemp Daddies)

CBD has a huge consumer market that just keeps growing. The supply of manufactured CBD simply cannot keep up with market demand.

CBD oil is sold in milligrams (mg). For example, 300 mg of CBD in a 1 ounce bottle can retail for $30 to $60.

Incredible Yields Are Attainable When Growing Hemp for CBD (Source: USDA)

According to Precision Extraction, one hemp plant can produce one pound of CBD oil. That’s 416 grams at a retail price of $100 per gram, or $4160 per plant for the extracted oil alone. Depending on the variety of hemp and the distance between the individual plants, about 1500 to 3000 hemp plants can be planted per hectare. In just one harvest, a farmer could make $6.2 million from CBD oil alone if 1500 plants make it to extraction.Most hemp farms are less than 10 acres because harvesting hemp is time sensitive. Farmers must hang the hemp within hours of harvest to dry without mold. Because hemp farms are small, the market requires many smaller farms to keep up with product demand. A large farm producing other crops and raising animals could use hemp as a bumper crop.

Create your own brand and product for maximum profit (Source: Plus CBD)

The best way to make the most money from a CBD hemp crop is to produce your own product and build your own brand and sales network. You will be missing out on huge profits from CBD products if you sell your raw hemp to a manufacturer who likely doesn’t make their wares in Nebraska.

If you already grow hemp, take the next step and start producing your own product. Pressing hemp into CBD oil requires less than $1000 worth of tools and supplies in a very small facility. Scale as your business grows.

Local demand exists (and beyond) for CBD grown in Nebraska (Source: Pharma Hemp)

You can sell your finished CBD oil product over the internet or to local stores. Consumers and businesses alike have a high demand for locally grown CBD (instead of buying products with imported CBD from other countries). And local CBD comes at a premium price. Without hardly anyone in the Nebraska market, local farmers can easily create a following for their own premium CBD hemp oil.

CBD is natural medicine (Source: CBD extracts)

CBD is a natural remedy that helps treat so many issues like pain relief, neurological disorders, epilepsy, and diabetes. People love CBD because it works and is safer than prescription drugs.