FORT LAUDERDALE, FL & TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Flora Growth Corp. (NASDAQ: FLGC) (“Flora” or the “Company”), a leading all-outdoor grower, manufacturer and distributor of global cannabis products and brands, today announced it has entered into an agreement with well-known cell biologist, Dr. Annabelle Manalo-Morgan, Ph.D., to acquire her Masaya brand along with her patent-pending CBD formulations. from dr Developed by Annabelle and backed by her research, Masaya’s formulations of pure, potent CBD oil are 100% THC-free and have a long track record of positive testimonials accumulated over years of use. Flora intends to distribute the brand and its formulations worldwide.

Masaya will become a proprietary Flora brand sold in the United States and will be Flora Life Sciences’ first offering. In addition, the original patent pending formulation, Masaya Pure, is expected to be used in Flora’s current clinical trials with the University of Manchester in the UK. As one of the first sales steps beyond the USA, the formulation is currently being registered with the Colombian regulatory authority INVIMA.

“We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Masaya. The brand’s formulation was developed by Dr. Annabelle for her son and has been used by thousands of consumers ever since. Our goal is to tell the beautiful story of Dr. Annabelle and her son and to improve the well-being of people around the world,” said Luis Merchan, Flora Chairman and CEO. “This acquisition enables us to deliver on our promise to invest in safe, thorough, and cutting-edge scientific research that can make meaningful change through an effective and accessible product offering for people around the world.”

As a member of Flora’s board of directors and as the company’s scientific advisor, Dr. Annabelle will be responsible for leading Flora’s global research initiatives including Flora’s ongoing clinical trial of the use of cannabinoids in patients with fibromyalgia in partnership with the University of Manchester in the UK. These clinical trials are expected to expand to explore the use of cannabinoids for other medical indications in the UK, Flora’s research facilities in Colombia and the US. Proceeds from the sale of Masaya products are expected to help fund this important research.

After the birth of her son Macario in 2016, Dr. Watching Annabelle suffer from up to 200 seizures a day, which led to doctors removing 38 percent of his brain. Tirelessly searching for Dr. Annabelle searched for alternative solutions for Macario and eventually discovered CBD, which has helped Macario, now six, grow into a happy and thriving child.

“After my experience with my son Macario, I am very excited to bring Masaya to even more consumers around the world and do my best to help as many people as possible,” said Dr. Annabelle, Senior Scientific Advisor and Director of Flora. “Both consumers and the global scientific community deserve more research and data on the science behind CBD, and I’m truly grateful to be working with the Flora team to help develop some of the highest quality, scientifically proven products on the planet.”

dr Annabelle is a scientist, educator, author, mother of five and a respected opinion leader. She is a cell and developmental biologist with a PhD from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee, with a background in neuroscience from Georgetown University. She earned her Ph.D. in Cell and Developmental Biology with a focus on Cardio-Oncology and has since grown into a philanthropist and entrepreneur focused on pharmaceutical innovation and clinical trials exploration of medicinal cannabis.

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