Frome pub owner John Bergl on fighting arthritis pain

A RESTAURANT owner who suffered from excruciating joint pain that drove him to tears climbing stairs says a dietary supplement changed his life.

John Bergl swallowed nine strong codeine pain relievers a day to treat chronic arthritis in his knee and other pains from an athletic life.

Sixteen-hour days in the busy The Mill at Rode pub and restaurant in Frome left him in excruciating pain.

But John, 63, says he “got his life back” when he started using CBD oil, a dietary supplement made from the cannabis plant.

He says he is now reaping the benefits of the natural substance and that it also contributes to better sleep.

It even changed its mindset about going under the knife in knee replacement surgery.

John said, “I was skeptical when I tried CBD because I really thought it was snake oil.

“I couldn’t imagine how it could be the miracle that people were claiming.

“I have a very high pain threshold, but on a particularly bad day, when I had to cry every step of the stairs, I thought, ‘What do I have to lose?’

“I started taking Goodbody Max 20% Peppermint CBD Oil Drops from – after three days I stopped taking codeine and tramadol, which I rely on for uninterrupted sleep a few nights a week would have.”

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a powerful plant extract that has gained popularity due to its reported ability to address a wide variety of health and wellbeing issues.

The legal natural ingredient is also present in the human body, but unlike its other cannabinoid, THC, it does not produce the psychoactive effects that the high experiences in cannabis users.

John says the effect it has had on his daily life is amazing, adding, “In the six months since I started taking CBD, I haven’t been pain free, but my pain level has decreased by 80% after only taking two doses of pain relievers.

“I also fall asleep much faster. When I woke up at night, I used to read for two hours before I managed to get up again.

“Now I only take two or three drops of CBD oil and fall asleep again before I’ve read two pages.”

The sports fan who once turned down attempts at Manchester City and is an avid tennis player had his knee cartilage trimmed when the problem first emerged.

He also had cortisone injections, but none of them solved the problem and he kept having severe pain in the joint.

Further tests revealed that it was arthritis and that he has been on the waiting list for a knee replacement for two years.

But he says that CBD has slightly changed his attitude towards immersion.

He added, “If I were at the top of the list tomorrow, I wouldn’t be rushing it as I had no side effects while it was imperative before.

“I am now evangelical about the benefits of CBD and I recommend that anyone considering giving Goodbody CBD a try.

“I have already recommended it to two people – one is in pain and the other is a former nurse with fibromyalgia who has not been able to leave the house for two years without high doses of morphine. Both are now complete CBD converts like me. ”