Green Light Solutions announces the Ontario product listing that LoFi CBD Oil 1500 will be available through the OCS in November

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, September 22, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Green Light Solutions (“GLS” or “the Company”), an innovation company committed to promoting excellence in the cannabis industry, is pleased to introduce LoFi . to announce brand in the Ontario market. The flagship product, LoFi CBD Oil 1500, will be available later this year through Ontario Cannabis Stores (OCS) and licensed retailers.

Serving Canada’s largest consumer market, OCS is the world’s largest cannabis buyer, Ontario’s only regulated cannabis wholesaler, and the province’s exclusive online retailer.

“As a new brand in the industry, receiving a listing from the highly competitive OCS is a confirmation of our LoFi product strategy. Our early success in BC highlights the potential for CBD futures products that are both high quality and affordable, ”said Walker Patton, Corporate Development at GLS. “We are delighted with the positive response to our product from customers in BC and look forward to bringing this eagerly awaited product to market via the OCS.”

The LoFi product line offers potent CBD-Forward formulations with highly concentrated CBD and high-quality ingredients. LoFi CBD Oil 1500 is a full-spectrum CBD oil with CBD extract from hemp, made in BC, and MCT oil from sustainable sources. All LoFi products have inLite technology for traceability of the supply chain, which gives customers unparalleled insight into the origin of the ingredients and batch-specific laboratory results.

An expanded suite of LoFi CBD products will also be available in the BC market later this year, including a 50ml format of CBD oil. LoFi continues to review future supply contracts with provincial wholesalers.

About LoFi
LoFi is a BC-based independent cannabis brand passionate about three simple things: quality, innovation, and value. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards through our inclusive CBD products that are competitive in strength and price in the market.

About Green Light Solutions
Green Light Solutions (GLS) is an innovation company dedicated to promoting excellence in the cannabis industry. GLS offers added value in several cannabis verticals through an agile, technology-oriented business model that pursues specific strategies for cannabis and hemp. The company’s executive team combines extensive experience in the cannabis industry with strong manufacturing and technology development expertise and a robust IP portfolio.

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