Hanley's widow credits cannabis oil for saving her life

A grieving widow, dejected with great fear who left her in A&E, has credited cannabis oil with saving her life.

Dianne Pilling was already struggling to adjust to life without her 10-year-old partner Richard when Covid struck and her mental health continued to deteriorate.

The 61-year-old from Hanley was prescribed antidepressants by her family doctor to help, but she says it only made her depression worse.

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At her lowest point, Dianne lost weight quickly and couldn’t get out of bed feeling hopeless and alone.

But she claims that everything changed when she tried CBD oil to help her adjust when coronavirus restrictions eased.

Dianne explained her way of trying CBD oil and said, “I had heard of CBD before. During his illness, Richard used it to relieve his pain. He was diabetic, which led to a bad ulcer on his foot. In the evenings he always had a terrible discomfort – it prevented him from sleeping.

“The doctors gave him strong pain relievers, but he always hated taking pills, so he tried CBD to avoid taking it. I was skeptical, but it really worked for him.

“I would say that eight out of ten times CBD oil would mean he doesn’t need the prescription drugs and can just fall asleep.

“It was really amazing. He would take the CBD oil at night when he was awakened by the pain. We asked the doctor if it was okay as he was taking other medications for his heart. It really worked for him for a long time.

“It was around this time that I became very anxious. Because Richard was so bad I was very worried and sometimes I didn’t sleep. When you go to the doctor, all he wants to do is prescribe antidepressants. I tried CBD back then and it definitely got on my nerves.

“Then I lost Richard. And it was a very difficult time for me.

“Richard died in August and then the coronavirus hit in winter. I was on leave in March and was alone in the house for a long time, I became very anxious and lonely.

“I got used to that too, but what really hit me was when I had to go back to my job after a four month break. I think it was all that really built up.

“To be off work, Covid, Richard lost. Lockdown really shook my confidence. When I got back to my job as a receptionist, everything was different.

“We had to wear masks and there were screens.

“I felt like I had forgotten everything and was very excited at work.”

Despite being on antidepressants, Dianne’s worried friend finally took her to Royal Stoke University Hospital after being so worried about her.

Dianne added, “I called the doctors and they gave me antidepressants to try, but they made me feel terrible. I took them for about a fortnight, but they made me feel so much worse.

“I was feeling so bad – I had terrible side effects. I didn’t eat, I lost half a stone in three or four days. My nerves were terrible. I was scared to go out.

“I couldn’t walk up and down and I’m not that person. I’m not lying in bed, I like to be up and down and do things, but I just couldn’t get out of bed.

“When I spoke to my doctor, he said I had to give the pills a chance to work, but in all honesty I just knew that even if it was only a few weeks, I couldn’t feel this awful.

“In the end, my friend was so worried about me that she took me to the hospital. The doctors there told me to stop taking the pills. He said, “You are not depressed, you don’t need antidepressants, whatever you’ve been through it is perfectly normal to feel down and anxious.

“He said to throw the pills in the trash can. I did that straight away and I felt better. “

At this point, Dianne decided to give CBD oil a try.

She added, “I was still scared and then remembered how CBD had helped me when Richard was feeling bad.

“It worked very quickly for me, I would say almost immediately. It doesn’t remove all feelings, but it helps me to control my mood.

“I still get scared and nervous; I still cry, but it takes the edge off so I can deal with the grief a little better. There are no side effects from taking it, you can drive and you are not” I like the fact that it is natural.

“I’m a strong person, but with everything that has happened, it’s no wonder I felt that way.

“CBD has helped me get my life back on track. Next month it will be two years before I lose Richard, but it seems like yesterday.

“I still miss him every day and don’t think I’ll ever get used to life without him, but with the help of CBD oil I get along a lot better.”

CBD is one of the many different compounds found in cannabis plants and can be extracted so that it does not contain the psychoactive ingredient known as THC that causes the “high” people associate with cannabis.

Although scientific research into CBD is still in its early stages, many people report that it benefits them in a number of ways, from relieving discomfort to helping them relax.

One of the most popular ways to ingest CBD is with oil, which is usually given with a dropper or spray for easy dosing.

Dianne used £ 49.99 CBD oil from Well Lab in Cheshire.

The UK’s CBD industry is currently valued at £ 690 million and the growth shows no signs of ending.

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