Hempsana Partners with 6Pak Solutions and NaturalSci Regulatory Consulting


Despite unexpected challenges in 2020, the cannabis industry continues to grow, with the global cannabis edibles market alone expected to generate approximately $11,564 million by 2025.

A key component of the cannabis edibles market is cannabis extracts, which refers to a variety of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) products processed from cannabis flowers into a concentrated form. These products allow consumers to consume cannabis.

One company in the cannabis extracts industry is Hempsana (CSE:HMPS) that stands out from other extraction companies because of its focus on providing mature products and services, leveraging its robust IP portfolio for world-class product development and a focus on rare cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG and Delta-8 THC.

Hempsana works with the goal of offering carefully crafted cannabinoid extracts to the modern consumer looking for a safe and natural alternative, with products ranging from cannabinoid crude oil, distillate up to 99.9 percent pure cannabinoid isolates for use as active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) range.

In less than three years, Hempsana has received European Union CBD oil extraction approval and an industrial hemp license from Health Canada and a standard processing license from Health Canada.

Hempsana has made a name for itself in the Canadian cannabinoid space by incorporating rigorous quality control and extensive testing into its EU GMP and GPP compliant facility. This enables access to wholesale and retail channels on a global scale and strategic partnerships in the EU, China, Asia, South America and Canada. Hempsana deals with the production of cannabinoid oil and isolate and an optimal cannabinoid formulation for cosmeceutical, nutraceutical and pharmaceutical purposes.

As a cannabis derivatives company, Hempsana has adapted its extraction methodology and technologies to provide advanced cannabinoid solutions beyond CBD and THC to rare cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG and Delta-8-THC.

Hempsana’s broad portfolio also includes “As-A-Service” offerings, wholesale distribution and white labeling. The company’s team of experts continuously researches and develops solutions and formulations for companies to resell premium products that are customized and packaged for medical sale or for the recreational market.

As part of this offering, a number of partnerships have been formed for the development and manufacture of CBD products for distribution to medical patients and retailers.

“This partnership gives Hempsana a path into the medical consumer segment of the cannabis industry; More importantly, medical patients have access to quality cannabis products from Hempsana. As we continue to diversify our distribution channels, we continue to focus on accelerating revenue growth by monetizing our expertise in the medical cannabis space,” said Randy Ko, CEO of Hempsana.

Next steps for the Company include achieving EU GMP certification for its facilities and developing exciting, rare and innovative retail cannabinoid products in 2021.

Hempsana is managed by a world-class team of experts in the cannabis world. Randy Ko and his team bring years of experience in the capital markets, cannabis markets and regulatory affairs that prepares the company for commercial success and growth as a leader in Canada’s cannabinoid space.

Hempsana’s Company Highlights

  • Hempsana is a licensed cannabis extraction and purification company that produces high-quality cannabinoid oils and cannabis-infused products.
  • The Company has diverse revenue streams mainly consisting of retail, wholesale and manufacturing channels.
  • Hempsana offers high quality cannabinoid products including crude oil, distillates and isolates in increasingly higher purities. Its services span multiple revenue streams, including wholesale, extraction-as-a-service, and white-label service channels.
  • The company is taking advantage of limited space for rare cannabinoids in Canada in hopes of carving out a place as a pioneer in the high-quality extraction and processing of cannabinoids such as CBN, CBG, and Delta-8 THC.
  • Hempsana looks forward to developing and bringing to market rare cannabinoid products, including innovative cannabinoid formulations for cosmeceuticals, nutraceuticals and pharmaceutical applications.
  • Hempsana has a signed MoU with Canbud Distribution (CSE:CBDX, FSE:CD0) to develop and manufacture CBD products for distribution to Canbud’s medical patient channel.

Key Hempsana products and services

Premium Cannabinoid Products

Hempsana offers three channels of premium cannabinoid products.

The Company’s full-spectrum crude consists of a primary extraction with post-processing. The oil provides a consistent raw resin that yields a cannabinoid concentration of 65 to 75 percent and is available for all distribution as bulk CBD crude.

In addition, the high-quality, full-spectrum cannabinoid distillate oil provides a cannabinoid concentration of 80 to 95 percent alongside natural terpenes. Non-psychoactive and psychoactive cannabinoid offerings such as CBD, CBG, CBN, and THC-based distillate oils are available for wholesale distribution or as a fully finished, on-site assembled product.

The final product tier includes API grade cannabinoids. The distillates go through a crystallization process to create an ultra-pure powder with over 99 percent pure cannabinoid, which can then be used in the pharmaceutical composition if needed. Like its distillates, the Company intends to offer isolates for wholesale distribution or fully finished, on-site assembled products.

Hempsana Premier Services

The Company works with a number of cannabis companies to provide wholesale distribution, as-a-service offerings, and white-label services.

Its wholesale platform operates extraction and processing services at Hempsana’s EU-GMP and GPP compliant facility to ensure high-quality production in compliance with all federal regulations.

Its service platform offers extraction, post-processing and formulation offers, individually or as a total package, and at high quality standards.

Finally, its white label platform offers design, creation and production services for fully finished, high quality retail products.

The Hempsana management team

Randy Ko – Co-Founder, CEO and President

Randy Ko is a management consulting executive with over 20 years of experience implementing business transformation initiatives and providing consulting services to startups across a broad spectrum of industries including cannabis, agriculture, pharmaceutical, financial services, oil & gas, mining, retail, manufacturing and higher education.

Sohil Mana – Co-Founder, CQO

Sohil Mana is the President of Eurofins Experchem, an EU GMP Health Canada accredited biopharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, food and cannabis testing facility. He has extensive quality assurance and regulatory experience and expertise, with important relationships in the cannabis, pharmaceutical and food industries.

David Chan – Chief Financial Officer

David Chan has over 20 years of accounting and finance experience and has been a key factor in helping a number of companies grow and maximize stakeholder value. David also brings extensive experience in helping companies grow through mergers and acquisitions. Previously, David was CFO at VersaPay Corp (TSXv:VPY), a fintech software company. David is a CPA, CA, CFA, holds a BBA from Wilfrid Laurier University and an MBA from the Schulich School of Business.

Adam Potts – Director of Sales, Business Development

Adam Potts is an experienced sales executive with a proven track record in business development and sales. He has deep roots in the pharmaceutical and cannabis industry and has over 20 years of professional sales experience. Mr. Potts has worked with several global companies including companies such as Pfizer, Bayer, Xerox, Tilray and Khiron Life Sciences. Adam has earned a reputation as an expert in sales strategy, training and development, and people management. During his tenure with these companies, he built long-standing client relationships, created and implemented sales strategies, raised capital, and drove revenue growth.