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SAN DIEGO, Sept. 14, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Deal Box Inc., a capital advisory firm focused on working with emerging growth companies to prepare and execute capital strategies through the issuance of digital and conventional securities, has announced that it will be supported by Impact Naturals commissioned the life science company with a digital offering of securities. The digital securities provided provide early-stage liquidity under Rule 506 (c) of Regulation D, published by the Securities and Exchange Commission under the Securities Act of 1933, as amended (the “Securities Act”).

Since 2019, cannabinoids derived from hemp such as cannabidiol (CBD), cannabigerol (CBG), and cannabinol (CBN) have become increasingly popular as they can relieve anxiety and reduce pain and inflammation in the body. Research has found that per capita consumer spending on cannabinoid-based products is estimated at $ 318.88. Impact Naturals’ unique, pharmaceutical approach to product formulation leverages the body’s existing lipid transport system to deliver beneficial components such as CBD, CBG and CBN exactly where they are needed. This world-class process called CHYLOSOMA ™ allows Impact Naturals formulas to be 500% more bioavailable than CBD oil alone, meaning the body can get more benefit from a smaller dose.

Impact Naturals is a life science company focused on developing formulation technologies that increase the bioavailability of certain compounds such as dietary supplements and hemp-derived cannabinoids. Impact Naturals’ new line of CBD capsules is designed to provide better absorption, faster absorption and longer lasting effects than traditional oral formulations. The new REVIVE ™, RESTORE ™ and REST ™ capsules contain CHYLOSOMA formulations with a broad spectrum and high absorption capacity of CBD with CBG and CBN as well as ingredients such as American ginseng, ginkgo biloba and melatonin.

“In Deal Box we have found a capital advisor who is just as innovative in his approach as we are with our own products,” says Martin Betoni, Chief Growth Officer of Impact Naturals. “Your unique ability to combine digital securities and cutting-edge financial technology with expert strategy and fundraising advice is exactly what we need in this phase of our company’s growth.”

“As CBD grows in popularity every day, we are excited to support Impact Naturals with the funds necessary to fuel their growth and support improved cannabinoid treatment,” said John Nance, CEO of Deal Box. “Impact Naturals has a very unique formulation with a precise dosage of CBD that is perfect for influencing a natural response in our body.”

By partnering with Deal Box, advanced digital stocks have the potential to accelerate the path to liquidity and provide more flexibility for investors. The digital security offering will give the owner the opportunity to become a shareholder and expand the technology needed for further research in the cannabinoids field.

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Impact Naturals is a science and health focused group with decades of experience in biotechnology and pharmacy. Our research and development efforts are aimed at unlocking the full potential of natural compounds and cannabinoids for the benefit of human health and wellbeing. More information is available at

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