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PORTLAND, Maine, 23 August 2021 / PRNewswire / – It’s impossible these days to scroll through social media without seeing an advertisement for the latest in CBD oil, CBD-infused mints, relief cream, or CBD-based skin care products, but the real question is, how does a consumer know ? Which brands should you trust, compared to which products is only riding the CBD wave?

Liz Kirby

Founder, Liz Kirby, wants to answer that question as the mind behind the breakout wellness brand Betoken CBD, whose mission is to make adult life easier through its all-natural nutritional supplements and personal care products along with its sassy tools and essential accessories.

Liz’s brand is more than just CBD. It’s a herbal wellness company where each product combines CBD with other proven botanicals for targeted relief. All Betoken products are also tested and verified by third parties. These test results are available directly on every CBD product page on Betoken’s website and provide transparency to consumers, an element that is paramount in building trust in a new industry like CBD.

“An important way of building brand loyalty is through the effectiveness of our products. People keep coming back month after month because our products actually work, ”says Liz of how Betoken was gaining market share in the wellness industry. It is this transparency and trust that earned Betoken the nomination for the Beacon Award for Product Launch of the Year with their Hello Mellow capsules.

Perhaps just as important is how Betoken distinguishes itself as a sustainable company. Last week Betoken launched the first refillable CBD program of its kind. Consumers of Betoken capsules can now ship or return their jars to Betoken Portland, Maine, store and refill at a discount. Liz plans to introduce even more sustainable options for consumers in the coming months.

“As consumers, we contribute too much to landfills every year. This program is Betoken’s next step in reducing our own impact on the environment, ”says Liz of her newly launched initiative.

On Betoken CBD’s social media channels, you can watch Liz share lovable customer reviews, viral roles, funny but relatable videos, and witty insights into overcoming the pitfalls and obstacles of the “adult”.

This authentic storytelling humanizes the Betoken CBD brand and cultivates a dedicated online community that invests not only in their products but also in Liz’s journey.


Betoken is the only CBD company designed exclusively for adults. What was once a routine morning 5k is now the source of chronic knee pain. Where your head used to hit the pillow when you fell asleep, today it’s a torn fiasco. Products are designed to help people sleep, relax, and feel better.


The Kirby family lives in the south Maine. Liz is a former attorney and has been a CBD entrepreneur since 2018.


Contact [email protected] for questions or to arrange an interview.

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Liz Kirby
Liz Kirby