New CBD shop in Tavistock sells products for fearful pets

A few drops of CBD oil in their bowl of water will help frighten fearful pets off.

That’s what the owner’s newest shop, Tavistock, says, specializing in the stuff.

The newly opened store – already a hit in the market town – sells legal CBD products that are made into oils, beauty products, coffee, massage oils, and even safe, pet-friendly oils that can help with anxiety and pain.

Milagro (Spanish for wonderful) on Brook Street opened on July 1st and the premium range of CBD products keep customers coming back time and again.

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CBD, also known as a cannabinoid, is a natural compound found in a cannabis flower that has become popular in recent years. And don’t worry, this substance won’t get your pet high, but it is said to relieve pain and anxiety in your fur babies.

Milagros manager Abigail Knight says they have already received positive feedback from pet owners who have tried the animal-friendly CBD oil, and she believes it will be the shop’s bestseller.

The 56-year-old says: “We were very interested in our pet products because a lot of people have frightened pets. Especially with Covid, more and more pets are struggling with separation anxiety and people who go back to work are left more at home.

“We’re getting really good results. I had a lady come in and buy it for her dog because her dog was very scared and jumped all over the place every time she moved, but after a week of use it really made a difference. “

Not only will it help anxious pups, but the pet CBD oil also looks promising for a client’s dog who is having seizures.

Although the research is still in its infancy and CBD is new, Abigail says, “There are a lot of studies going on and they are just beginning to research osteoarthritis in dogs and the lasting effects CBD could have on older dogs.”

The newly opened shop offers customers a free CBD-infused coffee to enjoy in the outdoor seating area while they greet brand new customers through the door.

Abigail has used legal CBD products to treat knee pain for several years. Instead of taking her failing pain relievers after knee surgery, she tried CBD oil instead.

Abigail used to work as a nutritionist and believes that CBD cannot cure the problem, but it can make it more pleasant. In addition to her managerial roles, Abigail uses her knowledge to help customers and can advise individuals on the benefits of premium products.

Abigail Knight, manager of Milagro, a new CBD oil store that opened at 32 Brook Street in Tavistock

Abigail says, “Customers can come and sit down, have a ‘consultation’, have a free CBD coffee, and just discuss some of the products. We have a really wide range of products.

“People always think that CBD is just an oil, but we have a number of products like a really good face cream that I use. The cream contains collagen and CBD and I really notice the difference in my skin. “

Some people cannot cope with the smell and taste of CBD products, but Milagro’s premium products only have a vague smell and a “pure” taste.

Prices range from £ 13 to £ 120 for the strongest products so there is something for everyone.

In conjunction with Tavistock’s mental health charity, Make a Difference, the new CBD shop is raising money by giving away a bundle of products in the Tavistock community at the end of the month.

“We wanted to join the Make a Difference charity because mental health was a big deal and people are struggling especially after this year,” Abigail explains.

Although research is still in its infancy, CBD user Abigail adds, “Although CBD cannot cure serious illnesses, it can make things more pleasant.”

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