Redbone Nutrition introduces CBD products for canine athletes and working dogs

The CBD line was developed with respect for the intensity, agility and endurance of canine athletes and working dogs.

Redbone Nutrition has launched its first line of CBD products – CBD Oils and CBD Treats – aimed at working dogs and canine athletes after spending time working with these dogs and a deep respect for their intensity, agility and endurance Dogs have evolved.

Dog athletes and working dogs put a lot of strain on their bodies, similar to human athletes, and often suffer from joint pain. This risk was another key factor in introducing these solutions to help dogs overcome this inevitable aging side effect, according to a company press release

Redbone Nutrition’s CBD products are formulated in the USA and contain all-natural organic ingredients. The products have also been tested by an independent external laboratory. Both the CBD treats and oils come in a variety of tempting flavors and help relieve anxiety and joint pain while offering a wide range of benefits that can improve a dog’s lifestyle.

While the CBD research studies are ongoing, American Kennel Club2 (AKC) Chief Veterinary Officer Jerry Klein stated, DVM, “There is anecdotal evidence from dog owners to suggest that [CBD] can treat pain, especially neuropathic pain, and help control seizures. “

The AKC highlights additional benefits of CBD2:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Benefits for the heart
  • Effect against nausea
  • Appetite stimulation
  • Effect against fear

In addition to these listed benefits, Klein found that most of the CBD is derived from hemp, not marijuana.2 This standard applies to Redbone Nutrition products because they are designed to help dogs perform well and themselves to feel optimal.

Find out more about Redbone Nutrition’s mission and its CBD products here.


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