Siskiyou Sungrown CBD and THC Oil Rating

Siskiyou Sungrown has been ubiquitous in Oregon pharmacies since its inception in 2014. On its shelves were some of the first inky black syringes to be filled with Rick Simpson Oil (RSO), a highly potent edible concentrate. This exhibit invited customers whose familiarity with cannabis was limited to flower or conventional edibles to learn more about RSO, or whole-extract cannabis oil (FECO).

My first interaction with RSO, FECO and Siskiyou Sungrown did not take place in a pharmacy, but online. My chronically ill mother and I researched the recipes and success stories behind RSO and its medicinal potential. For the uninitiated, Rick Simpson Oil – also known as Phoenix Tears – is a whole-plant cannabis extract that traditionally uses naphtha / isopropyl alcohol as the primary solvent. Siskiyou Sungrown reinvented this extract using organic cannabis flowers from his farms in Rogue Valley along with organic cane alcohol.

We had the opportunity to audition both Siskiyou Sungrown’s CBD oil and THC oil, and while my partner and I are both relatively healthy, we found it incredibly valuable to have these syringes handy for a variety of common and unusual diseases .

First impression

Siskiyou Sungrown’s slim paper packaging is straightforward and modest. Its distinctive shape – a long, rectangular envelope with Siskiyou’s golden sunrise logo in the right half – stands out on a pharmacy shelf. The language on the labels is simple and easy to decipher, considering that many consumers open this package and immediately need specific instructions on how to use such a divisive looking product.

Inside the envelopes are needleless plastic syringes filled with a milliliter thick, black, tar-like extract.

The viscous oil it contains can be squeezed out in tiny, raindrop-sized globules that can be applied to food or eaten alone. The look may seem intimidating at first, but it’s straightforward enough to use to detract from the implication of a syringe full of black tar.

CBD cannabis oil

The idea of ​​medication against an atmosphere is quite dystopian, but the reality of our current environment is just bleak, which is why my partner sometimes battles panic attacks before starting his job as a worker. A dose of this oil before work calms his psyche enough so that he can complete an incredibly physically demanding shift without negatively affecting his skill, endurance or competence.

In addition, a dose of Siskiyou Sungrown’s CBD cannabis oil before the shift was enormously helpful in my partner’s physical recovery – especially after particularly excruciating nights at work.

The grassy, ​​ultra-botanical mouthfeel is an acquired taste to say the least, and to say it lasts is an understatement. A drop of this concentrate is enough to cover the roof of your mouth for most of an hour, but the resulting complacency, relief, and recovery support is well worth it.

It should be noted that this formulation was developed by Siskiyou founder Cedar Gray to help relieve painful chronic symptoms of his severely disabled son. This treatment, Cedar said, not only potentially saved his son’s life, but also enabled his son to live a full and joyful life. I don’t doubt that this product has all of the potential benefits associated with CBD and contains all of the botanicals that are normally broken down during extraction and are called polyphenols. These compounds provide a corresponding entourage effect that is not achieved by products containing isolated cannabinoids.

THC cannabis oil

About twice a year I get hormonal migraines that are so severe that I have to hibernate for at least a day. One such event occurred during the test window for Siskiyou Sungrown THC cannabis oil, which was a tremendous blessing. OTC pain relievers only ever relieved the worst symptoms of my migraines, but I have found that high potency THC stifles that pain with effectiveness that even prescription pain relievers don’t see. Having this oil on hand as soon as the migraine hit saved me days of recovery followed by days of rescheduling – both of which saved me days of psychological distress.

Before the night I gave myself the THC cannabis oil, I had a persistent headache for most of the afternoon. I attributed this to an over-planned work week. It was not until bedtime that the slight tension at the base of my skull developed into a full-blown brain implosion. I got up on my hands and knees and crawled from the bedroom to my work area, blindly reaching for samples until my fingers closed around the familiar rectangular envelope of the oil. I dosed myself by feeling alone and exerted only the slightest pressure to squeeze a single globule from the syringe onto my tongue.

Amazed by the taste of how you lean in such a state, I then lay down on the kitchen floor and cried until activated.

The relief came in gradual waves. Within 15 or 20 minutes, I was able to navigate to the couch and snuggle up in a corner. Ten minutes later I was able to move enough to grab a blanket from the armrest opposite. About twenty minutes later I was pain free enough to fall asleep, which felt like a bloody miracle considering the pain I was in less than an hour ago.

The next morning, with just a shadow of the migraines in the back of my mind, I didn’t need any recovery time and was able to fulfill any of my overplaned activities. I was already convinced of THC therapy for epic pain events, but after trying Siskiyou Sungrown I will confidently resort to this specific remedy over any OTC – or even prescription pain reliever – for the foreseeable future.

Bottom line

These products can be displayed in pot shops alongside more festive recreational edibles, but make no mistake, this product is a brilliant reminder that the efficacy of THC – and CBD – as herbal medicine is just as exciting as the potential of THC as a magic carpet Journey.

In the meantime, my partner and I have found that recreational tongue swabs also produce a pleasant, smug high in both the head and body since our respective conversations with Siskiyou Sungrown, who take health and mental health medication. In all fairness, however, we would rather reserve this oil for its intended use as a biological, ancestral, and highly potent substitute for select pharmaceuticals.