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National Relaxation Day is today, Sunday 15th August.

Sounds like a great idea that should be celebrated more than once a year. Everyone needs to take the time to avoid stress, say “no”, sit back and indulge in something calming that relaxes body, mind and spirit.

Believe it or not, the vacation was a kid’s idea.

According to, Sean Moeller, a 9-year-old from Michigan, started the day in 1985.

“National Relaxation Day advocates chilling out and promotes stress relief through meditation and other relaxation techniques. Coping with stress requires relaxation, which leads to a clearer and calmer mind. Relaxation also leads to positivity and better focus. The hectic pace of everyday life leaves most of us on the verge of burnout and there just never seems to be enough time to just sit back and relax. Those with a busy schedule look forward to Relaxation Day, even if it’s just about some headroom.

The rule of the day is to avoid stress. This is important. Playing video games can be a relaxing activity, but if the video game you’re playing is frustrated, it’s probably not a good idea. It is better to spend the day in a hammock. “

We’re here to help you with some products that can help you meet National Relaxation Day goals – relaxation, mindfulness, calmness, and self-care.


Zodiac Affirmation Card Decks (100 Affirmations) from

This website states that it “works with affirmation writers, life coaches, and astrologers. We offer affirmations based on your zodiac characteristics. Uplifting affirmations that emphasize and reinforce your natural positive qualities. Strengthening affirmations to resolve and overcome your more difficult traits. Strengthen your spirit and uplift your soul with powerful, personalized affirmations. “

  • Zodiac Affirmation Card Decks (100 affirmations) are $ 45, daily planners $ 30, and manuals are $ 25. Special prices are offered for product packages.

“Each deck of fun and focused cards is tailored to the personality of a specific zodiac sign, offering positive statements and memories that will help change the flow of your thoughts the more you practice them. The deck contains 100 personalized affirmation cards based on the unique characteristics, needs and energy of each zodiac sign. It will help rejuvenate your sanity and put an end to negative self-talk! “


National Relaxation Day products

True Botanicals is selling this 30-day skin care kit with Chebula Active Immunity Serum, Renew Nourishing Cleanser, and Renew Pure Radiance Oil for $ 75. Valued at $ 184. (Real botanicals)

True Botanicals sells vegan, cruelty-free, clean and sustainable skin care products.

Here are a few:


National Relaxation Day products

The Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow is priced at $ 99 from

Honeydewsleep sells a Scrumptious Side Sleeper Pillow that is “designed to restore and rejuvenate”.

Honeydew manufactures its pillows from “100% virgin material”, including “Certipur-US-certified gel memory foam”.

The side sleeper pillow “offers side and back sleepers a new level of support through a carefully thought-out design that enables correct alignment of the neck and reduces the strain on your upper body.”

  • Delicious side sleeper pillow, $ 99, queen size.
  • Delicious travel pillow, $ 99, with a pillowcase and tote bag.
  • Delicious classic pillow, $ 99, queen size.
  • Essence Side Sleeper Pillow, $ 79, queen size.
  • Body by Honeydew, Body Pillow, $ 149, includes a free pillow case.


National Relaxation Day products

The original Buddha Board is priced at $ 37.95 on Amazon.

The Buddha Board is “inspired by the Zen idea of ​​living in the moment.

Simply “paint” the surface with water and your creation will come to life in a bold design. Then, as the water slowly evaporates, your art will magically disappear, leaving you with a clean slate and clear mind, ready to create a whole new masterpiece. Buddha Board is environmentally friendly because it only uses water – no ink, no paint, no chemicals – and if properly cared for, it will last for years. “

You can find Buddha Board on Amazon:

  • Original Buddha Board, $ 37.95
  • Enso, $ 27.95


National Relaxation Day products

Two products available for sale at JCPenney that can help you relax are: Conair Premium Foot Spa with Heat Sense, $ 71.99; and below, Sharper Image Sleep Therapy Sound Soother, $ 17.99. (JCPenney)

JCPenney has several products that can help you relax.

  • The Pure Enrichment Wave Sleep Therapy Sound Machine is available for $ 39.99. Using the code SCHOOL21 reduces the price to $ 35.99.
  • Sharper Image Sleep Therapy Sound Soother is on sale for $ 17.99. The price is reduced to $ 16.19 with the code SCHOOL21.
  • Conair Premium Foot Spa with Heat Sense is available for $ 71.99 when you use the code SCHOOL21.
  • Home Expressions Teddy Sherpa Blanket is available for $ 30 using the code SCHOOL 21 for a twin size. The full / queen size is $ 40.50 with the code and the king size is $ 50.25. Color options are pewter, taupe, gray purple, heron, bouquet green, and crown blue.
  • Conair’s king-size wet heating pad is available for $ 24.99.


National Relaxation Day products

Amazon’s relaxing products include the HoMedics three-tier table relaxation fountain, $ 22.33, in the upper left; upper right, Caslonee indoor table ball fountain with stones, $ 39.99; bottom right, mini zen garden, $ 19.97; and bottom left, table zen garden, $ 37.99. (Amazon)

  • ArtCreativity Mini Zen Garden with Buddha Statue, Rake, Sand, Bridge, and Rocks, $ 19.97.
  • ICNBUYS Zen Garden with Bridge, Rake, and Sand, $ 37.99.
  • ActiveBliss zen garden with sand, rocks, incense sticks, $ 25.
  • HoMedics Indoor Three-Tier Relaxation Table Fountain, $ 22.33.
  • Caslonee indoor table ball fountain with stones, $ 39.99.


National Relaxation Day products

The Stealth Core Trainer is available on Amazon for $ 149.

The Stealth Core Trainer is “an innovative planking platform that turns your body into a game controller. Every time you plank, twist, spin, or spin your way through a mini-game, you’re challenging your core and engaging 29 muscle groups. Even if you only have 3 minutes, you can sneak into a workout that hits the right note while engaging your mind and hand-eye coordination. “

  • The Stealth Core Trainer is available on Amazon for $ 149.


National Relaxation Day products

CBD from Charlotte’s Web, 60 mg CBD / 1 ML, in lemon twist, orange blossom, and mint chocolate, $ 119.99. (Charlotte’s Web)

Some research has found that using CBD, cannabidiol, can help reduce stress and anxiety.

Here are a few to try:


  • CBD oil, 60 milligrams of CBD / 1 milliliter, in lemon twist, orange blossom and mint chocolate, $ 119.99.
  • CBD oil, 50 milligrams of CBD / 1 milliliter, in mint chocolate and olive oil, $ 119.99.
  • CBD oil, 17 milligrams CBD / 1 milliliter, in mint chocolate, lemon twist, orange blossom and olive oil, 59.99.7 mg / 1 ml
  • CBD Oil, AM / PM Bundle, 7 milligrams of CBD / 30 milliliters in Olive Oil, $ 29.99; and 17 milligrams of CBD / 30 milliliters in mint chocolate, $ 59.99. The cost if you buy both is $ 71.98.


Here are some products on offer: