Teen sets up Bargoed teeth whitening business

A TEENAGER suffering from social anxiety has taken a huge step forward and started her own business on a high street in Gwent.

18-year-old Mia Willetts from Blackwood is just weeks away from opening her teeth whitening and CBD oil shop in Bargoed town centre.

Ms Willetts had previously worked for her father Craig – a contractor – but her social anxiety became so bad she was unable to leave home.

“I couldn’t leave the house – I was so nervous talking to people,” Ms Willetts told the Argus.

Ms Willets previously struggled with social anxiety.

“I was struggling with my breathing and just didn’t want to get out and couldn’t go to work — I started to feel isolated from not seeing my friends.”

The teenager has come a long way since those troubled times and now wants to step up as Bargoed’s newest trader.

“I did my teeth whitening training in October last year,” added Ms. Willetts.

“I’ve worked with a few people from around the house, but I’ve always wanted to have a dedicated space where I can get the job done properly.”

South Wales Argus: The store unit is a work in progress but will house the CBD oil portion of the business.The store unit is a work in progress but will house the CBD oil portion of the business.

It was at this point that Mrs Willetts sought her father’s help and the two spotted an empty unit at Bargoed that fitted the bill perfectly.

After three weeks, the renovation work is almost complete.

“I just want to wait for it to open,” she said.

“I feel so much better – having this retail unit. People have put their heads in and are really supportive.

Mr Willetts said he hoped his daughter’s business could give back to the community.

South Wales Argus: Mr Willetts described Bargoed as Mr Willetts described Bargoed as “up and coming”.

“Bargoed is on the rise,” said Mr Willetts.

“There aren’t many places that offer teeth whitening here, so that’s another bonus for us.”

The ground floor of the store will house Ms. Willett’s CBD oil business, with two separate rooms in the basement used as teeth whitening treatment rooms.