The Best CBD Pre-Rolls for a Mellow (Legal) Smoke

DadGrass_CBD_Joints_10Pack_Hero_2_3000x – Credit: Dad Grass

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Listen, you can chew on some CBD gummies before bed to sleep like a rock, or squirt a little CBD oil under your tongue to quell those pre-flight jitters before boarding a plane, but nothing can replace the excitement of actually smoking that weed.

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The best CBD hemp pre-rolls can deliver a stress-relieving, mood-boosting buzz that some say even helps with pain relief. Having pre-rolls, or hemp cigarettes (aka “joints”) on hand makes it more convenient than ever to reap the full benefits of CBD while enjoying the ritual of lighting and puffing.

Unlike the super-intense stuff you might find at a suspicious smoker’s shop, these hemp-derived CBD joints won’t actually get you high. As hemp brand Dad Grass best describes it, pre-rolls are “low strength, full hit like your parents used to smoke,” so they’re meant to be soft on purpose. Compared to gummies or tinctures, however, smoking CBD is one of the most “bioavailable” forms of CBD, meaning it’s absorbed more efficiently, giving you that pleasurable aah feeling even quicker.

That’s why we bring you the best CBD pre-rolls for your smoking pleasure to buy online (bonus: they’re totally legal to smoke, too).

Buying Guide: What Are the Best CBD Hemp Pre-Rolls?

New to the world of smokable hemp? Here are a few things to keep in mind when looking for the best CBD pre-rolls online.

Legality: You may be wondering first and foremost whether CBD Pre-Rolls are legal to smoke or even ship? The good news is that thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill, you can buy, ship, and legally smoke hemp anywhere in the United States, like buying pipes, meaning you can pre-rolled hemp joints or even “loose flower” nuggets of smokeable hemp find online. While these pre-rolls may contain trace amounts of THC (legally below 0.3%), there is no such thing as psychoactive cannabis (marijuana).

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Ingredients: Make sure you choose high quality flowers from a reputable brand – your pre-rolls should be made from trimmed hemp flowers, without any other plant materials or pesticides. You can also check your ash trails to keep an eye on quality as well. White ash means the cannabis or hemp has been well processed and properly handled during harvest.

Third-party lab tests: One of the most important things to read when buying CBD pre-rolls is the third-party lab test report, also known as a Certificate of Analysis (COA). They can serve as a helpful guide to what’s actually in what you’re smoking and include the cannabinoid profile (amount of cannabinoids in the flower and percentage), terpene profile (amount of terpenes in the flower and percentage) and the presence of heavy metals , pesticides, herbicides, mold or fungi.

Procurement: The origin of the hemp flower in your pre-rolls is another great indicator of quality, so it’s important to pay attention to it. While internationally grown hemp can be cheaper, make sure your pre-rolls are made from industrial hemp plants grown in the US, which are subject to stricter regulatory measures.

Packaging: Your hemp and CBD pre-rolls should come in a vacuum-sealed package or a sealed, airtight tube for maximum freshness. The packaging not only prevents airflow and excess moisture from damaging the hemp flower, but also locks in the aroma of the joint.

1. Dad Grass Hemp CBD Pre-Rolls

Credit: Papa Grass

Credit: Papa Grass

dad grass

For the chilled Grateful-Dead-on-Vinyl vibes in your dad’s basement, hemp brand Dad Grass gives it a new-school CBD and an old-school update.

Each pack comes with ten 0.7 gram pre-rolls, handcrafted in the USA using only 100% organically grown hemp flower (and under 0.3% THC), with no fake additives or pesticides. All rolls are sealed in a little retro pack for long-lasting freshness (and to make you wonder why shaggy rugs ever went out of style). In fact, the whole Dad Grass with Shtick is the kind of smooth, easygoing smoke you’d have on a lazy day, with a touch of seventies-style Dadcore. Her latest collection takes a cue from joints and special edition merch, with an ode to George Harrison called All Things Must Grass.

Dad Grass Hemp CBD Pre-Rolls (10-Pack)
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2. Cannaflower Pre-Roll Flight

Photo credit: Cannaflower

Photo credit: Cannaflower


Much like sailing ships and ski slopes, it’s fun to think about why cannabis strains are named the way they are – and Cannaflowers Pre-Rolls might as well belong in your pantry, as their delicious taste will have you wondering why have ever inhaled anything super weedy.

Each of their 1 gram pre-rolls contain around 150 mg of CBD, making them the perfect size for solo sessions. With a delta-9 THC content of less than 0.3%, these CBD pre-rolls are a super convenient way to enjoy a premium, “intoxicating” amount of relaxation without going overboard and sinking into the couch . The Pre-Roll Flight comes with four new-age flavors like Sour Space Candy, Bubba Kush, Lifter, and Hawaiian Haze. What’s not to love?

Cannaflower Pre-Roll Flight
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3. Cheef Botanicals CBD Pre-Rolls

Photo credit: Cheef Botanicals

Photo credit: Cheef Botanicals

Chef Botanicals

Founded by a group of health-conscious, organic food industry cannabis enthusiasts, Colorado-based Cheef Botanicals’ hemp pre-rolls offer 13 potent THC-free strains for a smoke that really makes you feel like you live the country.

We like their OG Kush Pre-Rolls – made from premium hemp flowers, the strain is a hybrid cross between OG Kush and CBD. Cheef Botanicals say that these pre-rolls are best for relaxing at the end of the day, but we think they’re also great to enjoy on a hike or in nature for an extra chilled outdoor experience.

Cheef Botanicals CBD Pre-Rolls (5-Pack)
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4. Her Highness Last Prisoner Project Single Pre-Roll

Credit: Your Highness

Credit: Your Highness

Your Highness

“We’re getting high on social justice,” says Her Highness, a female-fronted CBD brand dedicated to fighting racism within the industrial prison complex and its impact on cannabis use in the U.S. The Last Prisoner Project is donating 50% of proceeds in support of women wrongfully imprisoned for minor cannabis offences.

Aside from giving back to a good cause, their pre-rolls provide 0.5 grams of Connecticut CBD per joint. The brand says a few hits could give you a “nice body stone” and help fight anxiety, insomnia and cramps. We like their smooth settling formula that helps you relax without slapping you in the face. This set includes a pre-rolled joint and a gold lighter that you can fill with your own butane before igniting.

Her Highness Single CBD Pre-Roll
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5. Alive & Kicking Slim CBD Hemp Cigarette Pre-Rolls

Credit: Alive & Kicking

Credit: Alive & Kicking

Alive & kicking

As well as being the best Simple Minds song, Alive & Kicking has mastered the art of discreet, perfectly slim pre-rolling when you don’t feel like lighting a giant doob in public. Each pre-roll is designed to look like a cigarette, but is actually packed with 0.35 grams of high-quality whole flower CBD hemp (no tobacco here, folks).

Alive & Kicking alternate with blends of flowers, most recently Pear Blossom, with floral and fruity notes and an earthy, woody finish. Any pack 14 joints is compact enough to slip into your pocket, with each individual roll small enough to be “session-ready” (this takes less than three hits and saves for later deals). When you’re on the go or just need a little moment to breathe, Alive & Kicking is best when you want to feel calm and relaxed.

Alive & Kicking CBD Hemp Cigarette…
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