Three ways to relax with CBD: From bubble bath to bedtime

There are several ways you can relax CBD – from soaking in a nice, hot bath with the right CBD bath bomb, to adding a few drops of CBD oil before nightly yoga. Whichever evening activity you choose, CBD is better.

Because with CBD, the system can relax, calm down and restore. This is partly due to CBD’s potential to increase anandamide levels in the body – promoting that blissful feeling, curbing anxiety and stress, and allowing the parasympathetic nervous system to take control. Just a few drops of CBD oil can get us ready to really enjoy our evening relaxation activities and enjoy the process before we put our head on this pillow.

Here are three activities that could get you a good night’s sleep with a little CBD in the mix.

A warm bath

Because the mind-body connection is so great, a warm bath can soothe the muscles and relax the body just enough to make you feel rested and warm before bed. The warmth of the water not only helps to supply the muscles with oxygen, remove lactic acid and stimulate blood circulation, hot baths also stimulate the circadian rhythm. This is what enables the body to sleep – technically it can be called our body’s natural clock. When we get out of the bath, our body cools down from the heat, which releases the sleep hormone melatonin. So many people recommend taking a hot bath two hours or so before actually sleeping – if only because that amount of time gives the body enough rest to actually cool off, which makes us ready to throw in the hay.

Adding some CBD to the mix, whether via a bubbly terpene-infused bath bomb or a few drops of herbal tea, can really release the tension. With a bath bomb, the CBD can penetrate the muscles and promote relaxation on a physical level. The presence of CBD, even through the pores of the skin, can ensure higher levels of anandamide and 2-AG – the endocannabinoids responsible for pain relief and muscle relaxation. If you use CBD oil for pain, or even CBD edibles like gummy bears or brownies – take these an hour or two before your bath) and you might find that your mental stresses melt away.

However, because the mind-body connection is so strong, we are sure your muscles will relax along with your mind, whether you opt for topical or oral CBD, for a full-body experience. And what the CBD cannot cope with – the warmth of the bath, the scent of essential oils and perhaps a touch of Epsom salt will surely make you float into your bed in no time at all.


Candles can be a great way to restore and relax your body, mind, and spirit. And with some CBD oil in our systems, relax our brain and body? The combination could just be important.

You see, the science of relaxation tells us that candles are calming for a number of psychological and physiological reasons – for one, the warm glow of candlelight is restful, calming, and relaxing in many ways. According to our brain, anything warm and lit, especially against a darker background, can make us feel safe and warm. We associate candlelight with something calming, gentle crackling and maybe even calming.

A candle that burns terpenes or essential oils is also an incredibly calming thing for the system. Research has shown that when we inhale terpenes, our nervous system is activated, especially the essential oil, lavender (also known as terpene, linalool) – even the smell of lavender alone can affect our autonomic nervous system, reducing the heat in the body and activating the parasympathetic nervous system while at the same time preventing the sympathetic nervous system (which often prompts us through stressful thinking, fight or flight responses) from functioning.

It may sound silly, but a little bit of orally ingested CBD oil plus a terpene-infused essential oil candle? Maybe you are doing your own entourage effect there right now!

Yin yoga

Also known as the most rejuvenating and relaxing form of yoga, an hour or two of yin yoga before bed can be one of the most profound holistic things you can do for your body. And with some CBD oil in your system in the form of a CBD vape pen or CBD tea, you can really allow yourself to relax every muscle in your body during your session.

Yin Yoga involves light stretches for one to five minutes at a time – and it’s one of the best forms of mindful practice to date. Yin Yoga is responsible for activating the connective tissue and fascia of the body, activating the parasympathetic nervous system, and ensuring that deep breathing techniques are used.

And since yin is peaceful, parasympathetic, and responsible, and stretches and releases tension in the body (and muscles release endorphins, the feel-good neurotransmitter), it’s no surprise that yin is recommended for a range of sleep disorders – from stress to extreme to general insomnia. This is because we can reactivate the mind-body connection – by urging our body to release tension, similar to a nice massage or a hot bath, and then relax the mind. Since it seldom happens that the mind and body are out of harmony, the connection between a relaxed body and a relaxed mind is not a difficult idea to envelop your mind (if you pardon the pun).

Many believe that we store emotions and trauma in our muscles, making it difficult to fall asleep when we are tense and stiff. Think how relaxed babies look – and if babies are one, it is that they are almost always flexible. It is less about flexibility, of course, but more about how tension manifests itself in our connective tissue, our fasciae and even our joints – whether we are aware of this tension or not. Taking a yin yoga class with some CBD in the system can help our muscles stretch this tension away. This is because, while relaxing your mind and body, CBD can allow you to reach deeper attachment points in your tissues – which can make you feel lighter, physically and, as a result, mentally.

And of course, stress-free sleep is the natural result.


Whether it’s yoga, a good book, or a hot bath (or maybe all three), we guarantee that a little CBD can help you achieve restful, restful sleep. Closing your eyes and resting your head on the pillow has never been so exciting!

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