What’s On Offer In Dr Watson’s Shop?

Dr. Watson is a company that uses CBD to help you achieve a better lifestyle and quality of life. CBD comes from cannabis, the plant commonly used as a recreational drug.

CBD is a natural product that belongs to the cannabis family. It’s 100% legal, safe, and used by many people to provide relief from ailments from arthritis to cancer to some forms of epilepsy!

It had to happen. CBD and THC have both got a lot more press attention and acceptance lately. Marijuana is becoming mainstream and people everywhere are using it for medicinal purposes.

Read on to find out who Dr. Watson is why the company was founded and what products the Dr. Watson shop offers.

Who is Dr. Watson?

Dr. Richard Watson is the mastermind behind Dr. Watson. He has a Ph.D. in biotechnology and has been a leading expert in hemp research for 20 years.

Dr. Watson is a brand built on the power of CBD oil. This oil was developed over 300 years and is extracted from industrial hemp. The CBD oil is made from all-natural organic hemp grown in the USA.

We exist to be the most trusted and respected cannabis brand in the world. In collaboration with the lead scientist Dr. Richard Watson Ph.D. At DR WATSON we have developed the highest quality CBD products you can buy online.

This is reflected to a large extent in the taste, potency and production techniques used in the manufacture of our entire range of products. We’re pharmaceutical grade, third party tested, laboratory certified, and taste amazing.

Which products does Dr. Watson?

  • CBD skin care
  • Manuka honey
  • CBD vape pod system
  • CBD e-liquids
  • CBD edibles
  • Hemp oil
  • CBD capsules with vitamin B12

And more!

Dr. Watson’s core values

  • transparency
  • trust
  • Traceability

What is CBD?

Hemp oil contains a compound called CBD, which has many healing properties. This is an important question to ask yourself with any product you are considering trying out, be it CBD for sale or cold-pressed hemp oil.

Some brands of cannabis oil do not contain any CBD at all. You should be wondering whether or not people who sell cannabidiol are real.

CBD is an abbreviation used to describe cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive component of the cannabis plant.

CBD is one of the best-studied ingredients in marijuana, and recent research has shown that it can be useful as a treatment for diseases ranging from anxiety to cancer.

CBD oils may contain less THC, the mind-altering component of tetrahydrocannabinol, the compound in cannabis that is responsible for psychoactive effects. They’re also usually sold in tincture or capsule form, as it’s a less active form of marijuana.

What is Dr. Watson trustworthy?

Dr Watson CBD is unique in that it is science backed and all of its CBD products are made from hemp sourced from the company’s own farms.

We have the highest standards and all of our products are laboratory tested for potency and purity, proving that we offer our customers the strongest varieties of CBD.

Our CBD isolates and broad-spectrum hemp extracts go through a pharmaceutical production process from the selection of our plants to extraction. We then filter our products seven times – only then do we finally ensure that they meet our quality standards.

We only use the best ingredients from certified European suppliers. Whether they are flavored in our CBD gums or our award-winning CBD eliquids, you can be sure that you are consuming the highest quality ingredients and tasting great flavors.

You can rest assured that we only use natural flavors. No artificial flavors, no synthetic chemicals, no petroleum products. We take it from the source.