What is THCV? THCV Weight Loss + Where to Buy THCV Gummies and Oils

What is THCV? THCV Weight Loss + Where To Buy THCV Gums & Oils

Have you heard of THCV? This rare cannabinoid is quickly gaining popularity among those interested in cannabis and hemp, as well as fitness and weight loss. This is because THCV increases energy and suppresses appetite. In this article we explain the effects of THCV and how the Rare Cannabinoid Company created the world’s first purified cannabinoid THCV oil, THCV-CBD blendand the strongest THCV gummies.

THCV has been nicknamed “diet weed” or “skinny pot” because of its THCV weight loss potential. Here we answer your questions about this unique hemp compound: What is THCV? Does THCV work for weight loss? Is THCV legal? And we let you know where to find THCV for sale and all the options to buy THCV gummies and oils.

Rare Cannabinoid Company’s all-natural THCV gummies are high in THCV, vegan, and deliciously flavored with real lemon.

If you are looking for where to buy THCV products, Rare Cannabinoid Company is the most trusted brand. It was the first company to market a purified blend of THCV tincture and THCV CBD oil, offering the most potent THCV gummies. Each gummy contains 25 mg of THCV for a wide awake, full, hunger-free feeling with no jitters. All Rare Cannabinoid Company THCV products are manufactured in a cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) certified facility and third party lab tested with results online and via QR code. As a leader in hemp-derived cannabinoids, they also sell oils and gummies made from full-spectrum Maui-grown CBD, CBDA, CBDV, CBC, CBG, CBGA, CBN, and terpenes.


What is THCV?

THCV, or tetrahydrocannabivarin, is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis and hemp plant. THCV is considered a “minor cannabinoid” because it is present in such small amounts compared to other cannabinoids like CBD and THC. However, what THCV lacks in quantity it makes up for in quality.

What are THCV effects? Benefits of THCV?
THCV is believed to interact with the human endocannabinoid system to promote:

  • Increased energy and focus
  • appetite suppression
  • Weight loss (in combination with increased exercise and a healthy diet)
  • Possible benefits for type 2 diabetes (proven in scientific studies)
  • Reducing nicotine addiction and potentially other addictive substances (proven in scientific studies)
  • stress resistance
  • Relief of temporary pain and inflammation after exercise

Does THCV Weight Loss Work?

THCV is often referred to as “skinny pot”. Because THCV acts as a stimulant and appetite suppressant. Increasing exercise and reducing calorie intake can help with weight loss.

So says the US National Library of Science: “In rodent studies, THCV decreases appetite, increases satiety, and upregulates energy metabolism, making it a clinically useful agent for weight loss and the treatment of obesity and type 2 diabetes.”

Click on the linked text to learn more about the benefits of THCV, the effects of THCV and to see studies THCV for appetite suppression, diabetesand nicotine addiction.

Rare Cannabinoid Company formulated the world’s first purified THCV oil tincture and THCV-CBD blend oil.

Is THCV legal?

Yes, THCV is legal in the United States. This is because THCV is derived from hemp, not cannabis, and does not cause psychoactive effects like THC. In other words, you won’t get “high” from consuming THCV.

Where to buy THCV?

Rare Cannabinoid Company is the leading company offering THCV for sale. The Hawaiian company was the first to specialize in rare or minor cannabinoids and the first to offer a purified THCV oil, a THCV extract with CBD oil blend, and pure THCV edibles. Check out the THCV appetite suppressant options here:

  • THCV gummies: Tasty THCV edibles are lemon flavored, vegan and contain a very large amount of THCV – 25mg each. People say THCV gummies make them feel awake, energetic, and not hungry for hours. Buy THCV gummies here.
  • Pure THCV oil: This tincture contains 500mg of pure THCV extract in certified organic MCT coconut oil. It can support THCV weight loss by reducing hunger and increasing energy. Buy THCV Oil here.
  • THCV-CBD oil blend: This unique blend combines 250mg of pure THCV oil for appetite suppression with 250mg of full-spectrum Hawaiian CBD for the entourage effect. Buy THCV CBD Oil here.

Is It Safe to Buy THCV Online?

Yes and no. It depends on who you buy THCV from online. Do your due diligence by making sure the company manufactures its THCV products in a cGMP (current good manufacturing practice) certified facility. Make sure they show THCV lab reports from a third-party testing facility. Then read these reports!

Rare Cannabinoid Company has been in business since 2020 and evolved from its sister brand, Hawaiian Choice, which was founded in 2017. (That’s a long time in the CBD world.) All THCV gummies and oils (and all other products) are manufactured in a cGMP certified facility with easy-to-read, accurate online lab reports.

However, it is not safe to buy THCV online from many other places. We have found THCV capsules, THCV vapes and THCV edibles for sale that do not have a lab report. Other THCV products show lab reports for completely different products. (Always check a product’s batch number and that the weight of the item correctly correlates to the weight of the cannabinoid).

We’ve even seen lab reports for THCV products showing that they contain only delta-8 THC and no THCV! This is extremely dangerous as Delta-8 is intoxicating and will get you high. Additionally, Delta-8 should only cost a third of the price of THCV or less.

Whether you’re looking for THCV energy oils or THCV weight gummies, always do your research before making a purchase.


Why isn’t THCV weight loss working?

Cannabis flowers with THCV still contain a large amount of THC, the psychoactive part of the cannabis plant that also triggers the munchies. Eating more calories usually leads to weight gain, not weight loss. Although the THCV in such cannabis buds will help fight cravings, it doesn’t work as well as taking THCV alone.

Many THCV vape cartridges also contain some form of THC, usually Delta-8. Like regular THC, Delta-8 increases hunger. Anecdotal reports show that rare delta-8 actually makes you even hungrier than “regular” delta-9 THC.

So stay away from THCV wagons mixed with delta-8 THC if you’re hoping for THCV weight loss! There are many other psychoactive cannabinoids currently synthesized from hemp-derived CBD. Not only do many pose potential dangers in the way they are extracted and have negative side effects, but they are likely to trigger all cravings. These new, unstudied cannabinoids include delta-10-THC, THC-O, delta-6a10a, HHC-O, THCH, and THCP. Users have reported feeling dizzy, sick, and having unwanted hallucinations after ingesting some of these novel cannabinoids. We recommend staying away from them.

Instead, cannabis from a licensed dispensary is a much safer choice if you’re looking for the mental and physical benefits of THC. This is because the cannabis flower, dabs, vapes, edibles, and any other THC products sold in dispensaries have been thoroughly tested and verified to be safe.

If you consume cannabis with THC, this study shows that a THCV-CBD oil combo can help fight cravings even more than THCV alone. We therefore recommend taking THCV alone or with CBD for potential weight loss effects of THCV. Buy THCV CBD Oil here.

Will THCV products help me?

If you have additional questions about THCV gummies, THCV oils, or any other THCV product — or other cannabinoids — visit Rare Cannabinoid Company. Each product page includes a list of links to medical and scientific studies, as well as an FAQ page, a cannabinoid glossary, and an up-to-date blog page. You can also email [email protected] with any questions.

Additionally, if you are looking for information on how THCV and cannabinoids can help with a specific condition, please visit the Expert Advisor page. There you will find contact information for independent cannabis and cannabinoid doctors, nurses and clinicians who may be able to assist you with in-office appointments and telemedicine.

We hope you find this What is THCV? Article is useful and that THCV or other cannabinoids can help you live your life to the fullest.