A woman appeared in court after police found 14 cannabis plants growing in her Newport home while investigating a reported COVID violation.

Amanda Greenough, 47, of Angelica Grove, Newport, pleaded guilty to making a class B controlled drug when she appeared before judges Tuesday.

Prosecutor Ann Smout told the court that police attended Greenough’s home address on March 7 following a reported coronavirus rule violation. Upon arriving at the property, officers discovered 5 cannabis plants growing in the bedroom and another 9 in a padlocked room.

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Drug growing utensils were also on the property, including fans and grow tents.

Greenough was subsequently arrested and a search of her phone revealed no evidence of any intent to supply the drugs to others, the amount found by an investigative detective constable classified as consistent with personal use.

The defendant, who has a criminal record of possession with intent to supply cannabis, alleged that the drugs were grown for her own medical use to combat pain from arthritis and back problems.

The defense added that Greenough, who is a full-time caregiver, has tried other methods of pain control, including CBD oil, but has found cannabis to be the only effective remedy – he usually bakes it in muffins for consumption and occasionally smokes it when necessary.

Greenough was given a community order and a three-month curfew. She has to stay at home between 7:00 p.m. and 7:00 a.m. every day.

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