You may be asking what’s available to be integrated into your chiropractic practice. And really the sky is the limit on what you can offer

As the health care landscape continues to change, chiropractors must adjust. No pun intended. Patients want more from their health care providers and are becoming wary of jumping from one office to another for different services. It is easier for them, and ultimately for you, to have multiple offerings under one roof. Not to mention, the more services you offer, the wider your potential customer base will be for your practice. All of these things alone make a pretty convincing argument for integrated practices, but we’ve gathered some additional potential benefits.

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You may be asking what’s available to be integrated into your chiropractic practice. And really the sky is the limit on what you can offer. It’s wise to look at how your practice is currently set up and what your patient population looks like.

Are there things that your patients seem to need or ask about? Are there things that can easily fit into your practice, such as nutrition or massage?

Once you’ve considered these things, here are some ideas of services you can integrate:

Nutrition, with a dietician or nutrition counselorMassage therapyAcupuncturePhysical therapySports nutrition or coachingYoga, reiki or other related services

Additionally, adding other services can help specialize your practice. Consider what you’d be interested in being known for and what may already fit with what you do. Some options are sports, nutrition, women’s health, geriatric or pediatric.

All of this can help you stand out in your market and draw in more patients.

Integrated Practice Means More chances for revenue

Integrated practices offer the opportunity to expand your insurance billings. Many insurance companies cover additional services such as physical therapy and nutrition. Many are even starting to cover acupuncture, massage therapy and other alternative medicine services.

By including these practitioners in your practice, you are opening up the chance for increased billing and revenue. If you are a cash-only practice, integrating still offers numerous benefits. Now instead of going to multiple places, you are getting the revenue of patients who would prefer to go one place for their health needs.

Widen the net

Integrating means a bigger chance of capturing a wider patient base than you may have before. Some patients are not initially interested in chiropractic care but may be interested in another service.

Getting them in the door can increase the chance of getting them to try adjustments and get the best possible outcome for their needs.

Build a referral engine

Offering multiple services to patients increases the frequency of their visits and builds their relationship with you and other practitioners. These relationships can ultimately lead to more patient referrals and better outcomes.

And by offering more services in the first place, you are increasing the chances of someone recommending your practice because you fit a wide variety of potential patient needs. These things can help create a patient referral engine that works for you without any additional effort on your part.

Create a solid patient base

If you only offer one service, you run the risk of low patient retention rates. This is because patients complete their treatment and don’t see a need to keep coming to you for care.

However, if you offer multiple services then they are incentivized to keep coming back. Especially if you offer services that promote continuous visits, such as massage therapy or acupuncture. Becoming a one-stop shop for your patients means you build a solid patient base and don’t have to keep drumming up new patients to stay in business.

How an Integrated Practice Benefits You

It is no secret that many single-service practices often have overworked and understaffed DCs. It can be taxing to be the only service in a practice and can lead to burnout. By having multiple offerings, you can set up the practice to run itself in many ways and focus on managing or having a reasonable amount of patients while still making a profit. Integrated practices can help create more stability and less stress for you in the long run.

If you run a profitable practice, you can also consider franchising or opening multiple locations depending on your area. All in all, integration offer chiropractors the increased chance of a successful and profitable practice.

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