A general meeting of the College of Chiropractors of British Columbia was described as “extraordinary” by Canadian media as the group came together last weekend to discuss heated topics from the need for routine X-rays to the impact on the integrity of chiropractic from false advertising and flu/COVID-19 treatment claims.

Hundreds of chiropractors attended the vitual meeting, and participants were almost split down the middle in regard to non-binding resolutions to limit the use of diagnostic X-rays and banning non-science supported claims.

“The question that remains is who represents the bulk of the profession in B.C. — chiropractors advocating for what they describe as evidence-based practice targeting the musculoskeletal system, or ‘vitalists’ who argue that chiropractic treatment can help with everything from immunity to brain function,” reported the CBC.

The CBC reported that the vitalistic faction gained close to half the vote on every one of the six resolutions discussed during the meeting.

“We have to work hard to come across as evidence-based,” Joshua Korten, DC, said. “We have to position ourselves to look in a responsible and patient-centered way.”

Earlier this year the college introduced amendments that bar Canadian chiropractors from performing routine and repeat X-rays.

Another meeting will be held on July 20 to vote on removing four college board members.

To read the full CBC article go to cbc.ca/news/canada/british-columbia/bc-chiropractors-extraordinary-general-meeting-1.6055112.

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