Florida Senator (R-St. Petersburg) filed a bill last week to allow chiropractors the ability to give nutritional/vitamin injections according to the Florida Politics website. Florida chiropractors were authorized to give vitamin and enzyme injections through 1957 when state laws were changed to only allow oral nutritional supplements.

The general bill description reads, “Chiropractic Medicine; Revising the definition of the term ‘practice of chiropractic medicine’ to authorize chiropractic physicians to prescribe, order, store, and administer medical oxygen and articles of natural origin if they complete specified training; deleting a requirement that continuing chiropractic education be completed in a classroom setting; authorizing pharmacists to dispense articles of natural origin pursuant to an order from a licensed chiropractic physician, etc.”

Chiropractors under the proposal could prescribe medical oxygen, vitamins, minerals and other natural materials after completing a 36-hour training program. Currently only chiropractors in Oklahoma, Idaho, New Mexico and Utah can legally administer nutritional/vitamin injections.

The bill would also repeal the voluntary registration of chiropractic assistants, and with the passage doctors of chiropractic could also complete 20 hours of their total required 40 hours of continuing education online.


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Title: Florida senator proposes authorization for chiropractors to give vitamin injections
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