Make custom orthotics a larger part of your practice with the spring Foot Levelers Orthotics Workshop schedule and four new speakers leading collaborative training sessions.

The workshops are led by current Foot Levelers providers who have major success with orthotics and are eager to share their advice, guidance, and best practices. Each half-day session also includes Foot Levelers representatives teaching product training and answering your questions.

Attending a workshop will teach you proven, easily-implemented protocols on how to make custom orthotics a bigger part of your practice. The ultimate goal is improving patient outcomes by restoring proper biomechanics through the use of Foot Levelers custom orthotics.

Workshop sessions are not-for-credit, allowing for open discussion about the benefits of providing custom orthotics. Among the topics covered are:

How to implement orthotics into your protocolImproving/increasing your confidence in providing custom orthoticsGaining more patients for your practiceGetting the best outcomes for your patientsTreating low back pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis, and more with custom orthoticsProduct overview, patient scripting, and best practicesAny questions you have

The 2021 schedule includes new speakers Dr. Jeff McKinley, Dr. Dennis Buckley, Dr. Alan Smith, and Dr. Kevin Wong. These four current Foot Levelers providers have a combined 65 years of providing custom orthotics.

Returning to the schedule to lead these sessions are Dr. Tim Maggs, Dr. Brian Jensen, and Dr. Mark Charrette. The trio have spoken on behalf of Foot Levelers for many years. In fact, Dr. Charrette recently just taught his 2,000th Chiropractic seminar.

“Doctors who have attended our Foot Levelers Orthotic Workshop sessions are seeing far greater outcomes for their patients, and have near-instant increases in orthotics,” says Jamie Greenawalt, senior vice president of Business Development at Foot Levelers, Inc. “We know our custom orthotics can help with so many conditions like low back pain1, neck pain, and even poor posture. Our hope is to get every chiropractor to a Foot Levelers Orthotics Workshop because the experience is invaluable.”

Attending a workshop session also includes a complimentary dinner the night prior to the event. Travel assistance may be available. To register or for more information, call 800.553.4860 or visit

Here is a look at the 2021 workshop schedule:

March 11 – Columbia, SC – Dr. Brian Jensen

March 11 – Phoenix, AZ – Dr. Dennis Buckley

April 16 – Minneapolis, MN – Dr. Brian Jensen

April 24 – Greensboro, NC – Dr. Alan Smith

May 8 – Seattle, WA – Dr. Kevin Wong

June 3 – Chicago, IL – Dr. Tim Maggs

June 4 – Newark, NJ – Dr. Mark Charrette


Foot Levelers, Inc.

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Cambron, J. A., Dexheimer, J. M., Duarte, M, & Freels, S 2017, Shoe Orthotics for the Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial. The Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, viewed 18 August 2020,

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