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Speaker: Brandy Kinnear

Educational takeaways:

Identify and Attract Your Ideal Patients Craft Your Unique Selling PropositionCreate content that inspires, motivates, educates, and sells!
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About the Speaker

Brandy Kinnear

Brandy Kinnear is an honest, no nonsense expert in digital marketing and practice growth. Within the last 14 years, she has helped practitioners and companies in the natural health industry shift from overwhelmed to being excited about their business and financial future.

Brandy spent nine years in a large integrative practice and growing it to a seven-figure business. She had the great pleasure of learning about natural approaches to healing and was instrumental in bringing leading edge modalities to the practice. She has in-depth knowledge of the challenges heart-centered practitioners face when it comes to marketing themselves – she believes more people need your wisdom, your expertise, and your heart… they just need to know who you are!

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