Good morning and welcome to another edition of Mindful Monday.

How have you been managing isolation since we were in touch last? Hope your body is holding up well and your stress levels are staying as low as possible! (Don’t forget to check our Chiro.London and Putney Chiropractic Instagram feeds for some home exercises if you are a little worse for wear).

Please feel free to let us know how you are doing and if there is anything we can do to help. We are open on a limited schedule, abiding by social distancing protocols with a one-in-one-out policy. So if you feel you are in need or have a few niggles that need addressing, please do contact your clinic via email or leave a voicemail and we will find a solution for you.

We cannot stress this enough: you are not alone! All of our Chiropractors are available via email and phone for advice, essential care and a good old-fashioned chat if needed.

And now, a word from retired US Army General Stanley McChrystal, addressing Deutsche Bank staff on March 25, 2020…

“If this is your first crisis in life, I welcome you to the game. If you have scar tissue from previous experiences, what you know is, we are going to come out of this. And we are going to come out of this better than we went into it.”

Righto, for a lot of us the dust has started to settle, and the new reality has begun to emerge. Here are some of my favourite things I’ve come across this week that made me think, smile and maybe even laugh…

The history of washing hands.

Yep, we all do it, have been doing for pretty much our whole lives and are doing it even more now. But where and when did it all start? This easy read describes the early days of hand washing, cadavers and childbirth and a doctor’s cut thumb…

So what is a virus anyway?

How big is it? Is it even alive?

Well, one of my favourite writers, Tim Urban of Wait But Why, dives deep into these very questions in this fun, interesting and fantastical read, You Won’t Believe My Morning.

(Also, if you’ve not already read his beautiful piece The Tail End I strongly urge you to do it now. In fact, if you only take one thing from this email please make it this.)

Ok, now for some fun stuff…

Time to escape to space with the BBC World Service podcast 13 Minutes to the Moon. This is a truly wonderful podcast that I’m surprised I’ve fallen so in love with as I’m not really a space geek. Kevin Fong explores the stories, challenges and seemingly insurmountable pitfalls the Apollo 11 mission faced to take humankind to the moon – and back – safely. Gripping.

(Oh, and some guy called Hans Zimmer did the music for it – seriously!)

If you’re finished with Tiger King and now looking for something a little more highbrow, you can check out these 2020 Sundance films to watch at home.

Cards anyone?

Now is a great time to revisit some old favourite board and card games. Monopoly is now available as a card game (mentioned by Doc Craig in a previous MM) and here’s a minimalistic take on the world’s favourite, Uno.

Good wines at great prices!

A cheeky little glass of something special certainly adds to any game of cards. Our good friends at Astrum Wines are now offering their quality tipples to the public at trade prices, and with an extra discount for you guys – you are very welcome! Simply order here and use this code: CHIROLONDON.

Thanks for reading and thanks for letting us know what you enjoy about these little emails. Please reply if there’s anything we can help with, including questions about your health or care – we’ll always do our best to help.

Big love,

Luke X

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