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For today’s Mindful Monday, I’ve recruited two new guest editors to show us a different perspective of our current situation. Please welcome my children, Charli and Lachie.

Stay home and stay healthy,
Doc Craig

Hi everyone,

It’s Charli here, I’m 10 years old and I’m in year six at school. My brother and I are doing a Mindful Monday takeover. I’ve written a few ideas down to begin with and Lachie will finish off the email.

We’ve just finished school after a week of homeschooling and we are now on Easter Holidays. It’s weird not knowing if we’ll be going to school next term. I hope you enjoy some of the things we’ve been doing, reading and watching lately.

For a fun thing to do on the mornings of our holidays, we’ve been doing the Oti Mabusi dance class for kids (and adults) at 11:30am on YouTube.

Here are some other fun things I enjoy doing:

Draw a face on my cat! (Not sure the cat would think this is fun though! – CraigDo something active in your garden, like these exercises with my DadGet in touch with someone you knowPlay a board game with someone at home, or with a friend onlineDraw somethingGo for a walk (but only once a day)Do some origami or craftsPlay with your pets (if you have one)

We also were in our garden the other night and we saw the International Space Station and six satellites following it after we saw Tim Peake’s message! I think it is still happening every night while the skies are clearer.

Hi, I’m Lachie and I’m 12 years old and in year eight. Here are some of my ideas to pass the time…

 If you’re looking for some indoor exercise try Joe Wicks. He’s on YouTube every morning at 9am and “P.E. With Joe” is his new workout designed especially for kids.

 Arty people should go visit the Art for Kids Hub. It’s got plenty of step-by-step tutorials for everyone to enjoy.

 If you have Netflix, Brainchild or Brain Games might interest you – these shows teach you about how your brain works while getting you really involved.

 Readers might enjoy these:

For 10 years+

Ruby Redfort series (six books) by Lauren ChildMalamander by Thomas TaylorHow to Train Your Dragon series (12 books – but don’t let this put you off!) by Cressida Cowell

 Try David Walliams’ new Marvellous Musical podcast. It’s about how classical music really isn’t as boring as you thought. You learn a lot while laughing a lot – what’s not to like?

Lastly, we found an even bigger list of cool things here, which has four sections of resources: Homeschooling, Recipes, Fitness and Positivity & Wellbeing.

Thanks for reading, we hope you like it!

Charli and Lachie

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