Hello and welcome to Mindful Monday, number “I have no idea because days are just rolling into one another and I only know it’s Monday because I got this email in my inbox…”

And breathe…

As we enter the last week of February (yep, a real thing) and we start to fantasise about warmer weather, life opening up a bit more, seeing family and friends, and signs of life returning, it could be useful to revisit some of the goals you had for the year. They’ll likely reflect your musings about what you’d like more (and less) of from last year.

Let’s start with two things you’d like more of and two you’d like less of.

Add a “Why I’d like this to happen” for each one.

Add “How I might feel” when this happens.

Now figure out what’s the first action step for each one that you think is reasonable to achieve this week.

Make an appointment with yourself to do each action step in your calendar.

Make a time in your calendar to repeat this process for next week’s next steps.

Finally, think of a little reward that you will give yourself when you’ve nailed these first steps.

Finish February strong!

And now, here’s this week’s collection of random stuff that made me smile.

The days are long, but the decades are short

This is beautiful list of “life lessons and reminders” from which you’ll definitely garner a few gems.

Tell your parents you love them more oftenDon’t screw people and don’t burn bridgesForgive peopleDon’t judge other people too quickly

(You can also listen to the list here.)

Hidden gems on TV

Ok, so I’m not officially encouraging bingeing a TV series – but if I was, I’d definitely suggest this list from The Guardian for those of you who have basically “finished Netflix”. Giri/Haji and Years & Years are two favs of mine.

You And The Thing You That Love

This is a touching short film (11 minutes) exploring the passion and commitment a young man has for his craft. He has vision but no vision…

Find it.

Do it.

No matter what.

An organic house?

Well maybe not quite, but this building is certainly a step closer to an environmentally kinder building. Natural materials and recycled components make up most of its construction and maybe gives us a hint of what’s to come in the future.

And breathe, again…

Breathing. Science and a swell of anecdotal evidence tells us that consistent breathing is good for us. But are we doing it right? In his best-selling book Breath, James Nestor explores the art of breathing and how we can all do it a little better. In… and out…

As always, thank you for reading and a special thank you to those of you who reach out to me – I love hearing from you and value your feedback.

Have an amazing week and finish Feb strong!

Big love,

Luke X

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