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Another week in lockdown, which apparently included a bank holiday?! I for one am hoping we get credited that one back later in the year!

In today’s MM we have Doc Craig in the news, a lil reminder of home office posture guides by popular request and an update on the state of play in clinic, including our new webstore!

In the News

Those of you who follow our social media pages will have spotted Doc Craig in The Telegraph talking about desk posture and home office ergonomics. This has been a huge topic of conversation amongst our community and we’ve published some videos and blogs on this issue to help from home.

Doc Sammy has written a guide on best working from home practices, which you can find on our blog.Doc Luke M has filmed a video to assist with setting up your home work station, from a spinal health perspective.Doc Katie has put together some of her favourite stretches for stiff necks and shoulders, resulting from lots of sitting and/or looking down at monitors.Our marketing guru and long-time WFHer Tommy has also made this great video on how to stay productive and make the most out of working from home.

We would also encourage you all to be as active as you can possibly be at home – whether this means an indoor workout, a jog or walk outside or regularly standing up throughout the day and doing some gentle stretches, it’s vital to get some movement in your body.

We have the Docs working on a guide to chairs and cushions as I write this, but it is a reasonably hot topic given different spines and stresses have different requirements. Stay tuned to these emails and keep checking our Instagram and Facebook pages for the latest updates and content.

If you have a request for any particular guides, videos or advice, feel free to send them through and we will do what we can to help!

Clinic updates: We remain open to help

As we have had a lot of enquiries recently – especially given everyone has been WFH and not moving properly for quite a while now! – we’d like you all to know most of our Docs have made the decision to remain open so we can help those of you in need.

We are, however, running a modified schedule with only one practitioner in clinic at a time (and no reception staff) to help those in need. This is on a one in, one out basis to ensure we can maintain proper distancing measures, meet hygiene requirements and adhere to government and regulatory guidance as it is rolled out.

If you feel you are in need, please call or email us to discuss what is going on – there are no silly questions.

We are still running remote reception and would love to hear from you. We are more than happy to have a chat about how you are doing, put you in touch with a Doc to offer home advice, or possibly get you in to see one of our Docs, if there is the need to, after discussing it. (Please do not attend any clinic unannounced – it is very uncool at the moment!)

Do not be shy – we would like to help you if we can, in any way we can! (We have even managed to find bags of flour for a family who REALLY missed pancake Sunday!)

Thank you all for your understanding, patience and for having a sense of humour about things while riding this crazy ‘Rona rollercoaster with us.


Not only did our independent marketing legend Tommy Tonkins share his WFH knowledge with us, but he also designed us an awesome new webstore!

Given the challenges of social distancing, we thought we should create something to minimise contact for you all. We also figured people are stockpiling loads of stuff at the moment, so we are shamelessly plugging the option for you to stockpile some adjustments for when you come back in!

Please check it out here. Each clinic has its own page so if you would like to use it, please do make sure you are purchasing for your preferred clinic.

Each clinic also has its own promotion that is only available via the webstore. I could tell you all what they are, but obviously that defeats the purpose of me flogging it for you to click through to… mostly to check out that it works, of course!

Any feedback on our webstore’s functionality or anything we could do to improve it would be greatly appreciated – just fire me an email.

That’s all from me for now! Keep an eye out on our social media for all the updates, stay healthy and safe till next time.


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