‘Direct mail isn’t dead yet’ as direct mail response rates are high and can effectively target local patients combined with your digital marketing strategies

If you double-checked the headline — yes, we did say “direct mail.” Lots of mediums that we thought were dead are making a comeback, or they didn’t truly go away completely in the first place — vinyl records, retro furniture, and … direct mail. Direct mail response rates remain high and remain popular for reaching people to compliment your e-commerce and digital presence.

In 2019, marketers made direct mail fourth on their lists of what they spent money on by sending 53.7 billion pieces of postal mail.

“Direct mail isn’t dead yet,” says David Cusick, chief strategy officer of House Method, which is headquartered in Raleigh, N.C. “As they’ve become less common, the more they’ve become special and exciting for the recipients. Businesses should consider direct mail and combine it with their digital marketing strategies.”

Cusick answered our questions about direct mail, and what follows is our interview, edited for length and clarity.

Why are direct mail response rates still resonating with marketers?

Direct mail may feel outdated, but it’s still an effective way to reach your target audience and market your products and services. Direct mail response rates still have high ROI and it’s best paired with digital marketing strategies.

Chiropractors can take advantage of direct mail response rates as a marketing tool, especially as they target the local market.

What impact does direct mail have on recipients?

Direct mail feels more personal to people because fewer people or businesses send them. That makes direct mail more exciting.

It feels as if the sender cares enough to send you something tangible like a personal letter or post card.

What are some ways that chiropractors can use positive direct mail response rates to drive people to their e-commerce efforts?

Direct mail can help drive customers to your website and raise brand awareness. Chiropractors can send a card with educational information about what chiropractic care is, including answers to FAQs.

They can also include a discount code that the customer can use when they visit your website or your clinic. The informative mail can give them solutions to what they need, and the offer can encourage them to check you out.

Should there be specific offers that are only sent to patients via direct mail?

Yes, you can send special offers meant only to direct mail recipients. That makes it feel more personalized and exclusive.

How can chiropractors integrate their direct mail with their digital presence?

Chiropractors can use call-to-actions that prompt the recipients to go to the website or use social media to share about a challenge using a hashtag.

You can also add a QR code that they can scan, which sends them to your landing page.

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