Another week down – 7 weeks till Easter! This week Michael’s tour of your spine continues, Craig talks to the BCA about how our industry has responded to the pandemic and some local love suggestions for V-Day…

Clinic Updates

Another week of no new news! We are looking towards the Easter period and will likely be running a skeleton staff over that period, so some of the team can have another breather.

Will keep you posted as we go.

Podcast of the Week

This week’s Chiro.London Pod, proudly fuelled by Ground Coffee Society, features the heads of the British Chiropractic Association sharing a coffee with Craig.

They talked about chiropractic’s role in the response to the pandemic, how important our skillsets have become to help ease the burden on the NHS, and some interesting chat about research and the future of chiropractic.

Watch the chat on IGTV here, or take a listen on the website, or on Spotify, Apple and Google, too.

Vertebra of The Week

Next up on Michael’s tour of your spine is…


Ever woken up with a stiff or even locked neck? (

) So many people complain of this on a day-to-day basis and do not know what caused it. It might be a subluxated (misaligned) C6 vertebra that does cause the neck to become ‘locked’. This locked feeling will happen as muscles then go into spasm. And what pill or ointment will realign it?

The nerves here supply your tonsils, lungs, neck muscles, shoulders and upper back/between the shoulder blades. If these nerves are irritated, symptoms might include: stiff neck, pain in the upper arm, tonsillitis and chronic cough.

Thanks Michael. We have a special prize this week – first one who emails me with what they learned in last week’s email, I will shout you a physical therapy session or a massage with Alex at our clinic in Kew. And I’m feeling generous this week, so anyone else that also gets back to me with the answer will score £20 off a massage with Alex as well!

Shameless Plug(s) of the Week

Valentine’s Day is creeping up on us, and if you’re isolating with your other half, you’d better not forget to grab something to celebrate the occasion!

Our mates at 79 Collective have put together some delicious V-Day brunch baskets, featuring flowers, OJ, coffee, brunch, cookies and even some bubbles. Prices vary from £30 to £120, depending how fancy you wanna be with those bubbles. DM them on Insta to order.

If it’s a romantic dinner you’re after, the Little Riverside restaurant at Thames Rowing Club is offering the ultimate Valentine’s feast, which includes a bottle of wine, charcuterie platter, a delicious meaty or vegetarian main with sides, choc brownies and choc truffles – all for £95. To order, drop them a message on Insta or buy on their site here.

If something sweet is more your style, the Bonjour Putney bakery is making special Valentine’s Heart cakes, with layers of sponge cake, vanilla and raspberry mousses. Give them a call to order on 020 8788 6363.

So that is me done for another week. Gong Xi Fa Cai to those celebrating Chinese New Year and happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers! Over ‘n’ out!


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