We are creeping into March and looks like things are warming up. YAY! This week Craig chats to Conor Ward about kicking goals, Michael walks us through the last of your cervical bones (with a lil bonus), and a reminder that prices of our blocks are going up a touch in March.

Clinic Updates

I believe this may be a record of no new news to report, which is great!

It’s been great to be available to help you all! Anything else you need, please do contact us. If we can help, we will.

Podcast of the Week

This week’s Chiro.London Pod, proudly fuelled by Ground Coffee Society, features Conor Ward, aka The Health Elevator and part of the Lions of Chiropractic pride, sharing a coffee with Craig while discussing goal setting and “legacy goals”. Conor also recently hosted a coaching programme for our chiropractors, and they also review what was learned during its course.

You can have a listen on our website, or on Spotify, Apple and Google, too.

Vertebra of the Week

Next up on Michael’s tour of your spine is the last in our cervical series. So without further ado, here’s…


Are you always cold, gaining weight quickly or tired? Or perhaps always hot, have trouble gaining weight and are restless? How about constantly inflamed shoulders or aching elbows?

C7 supplies a vast area across your shoulders, but also your thyroid, and so if the thyroid is under- or over-active it affects how you feel as a whole! The thyroid is responsible for producing thyroxine. The brain tells it how much is needed and if the message is not relayed right then it either produces too little (making you feel cold, tired and more susceptible to gaining weight), or too much (restlessness, always being hot and never gaining weight).

Problems with this nerve can be connected to: thyroid conditions, bursitis, colds, tight muscles across the neck.

I’ve enjoyed hearing from you all about what you have learned, so I’ll continue to giveaway stuff. This week’s prize for the first person back to me with what you learned in last week’s email is an initial consultation (for you or a friend) on me!

Shameless Plug of the Week

If you’ve been a Putney resident for a while, you’ll no doubt be familiar with The Bricklayer’s Arms. Situated just off Lower Richmond, the 200-year-old independent pub specialises in craft ales from local and independent suppliers, which are excellent when consumed next to the fire in one of their cosy armchairs!

Although it’s been undergoing extensive renovations during the pandemic, the owners now need a little more help to ensure the pub is Covid-ready for the coming months, and so have launched a crowdfunding campaign to ensure its survival.

There are a few rewards offered for more substantial donations, but every bit helps.

If you’d like to donate and help save the Bricky, click here.

Look after yourself until then!


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