Welcome to another Thoughtful Thursday!

Clinic Updates

Before you get flooded by a bunch of other people spamming you about reopening, we are getting in first! (Yes, I am so pleased that train station cafe I gave my email addy to, to steal their WiFi that one time, has emailed me to let me know that they are reopening…)

So, without further ado – WE ARE OPEN (well, technically still open but moving on…).

All of our chiros are on the tools, albeit for shorter hours/days/times. Please check out our Insta for how we are open.

On a more serious note, you can find out more about our setup within the clinics here. Please have a read before you visit our clinics.

We have reception staff back in a couple of clinics to direct traffic, and the phones/emails are being manned 7 days a week, so do get in touch if you are in need of advice, a chat or think you need to be seen.

We would please remind everyone to please, please, PLEASE ensure they do not attend any clinic without an appointment. It is completely uncool and we also ask that you turn up at your scheduled appointment time to ensure we can adhere to regulatory and government guidance and, well, not have to close ‘cause that would not be ideal.

Podcast(s) of the Week

As we are 3 weeks in and haven’t (surprisingly!) had any complaints from our 9 Instagram followers yet, here are the podcasts introducing our practitioners from this week. Craig got a little excited and was in the mood to talk, so we have 4 live chats for you to check out, just click on the links to watch them on the Chiro.London IGTV:

George Ross, DC from Putney and MaryleboneErana Tupaea, DC from Tooting and MaryleboneLuke Mulvihill, DC from MaryleboneKatie Chimes, DC from Marylebone (yes, lots of Marylebone this week!)

Of course, if you’d prefer to listen rather than watch, you can find all the audio podcasts here on the Chiro.London website.

We will be attempting to make it more of a once-a-week thing a bit more consistently, so keep an eye on our social media for details of the next live chat.

Shameless Plug of the Week

After the interest in Chiro Craig and his CARAZY effort riding his bike for a lap of the M25 for charity (you can still donate here), we thought we would keep you up-to-date with other causes and promotions our team is supporting.

Lisa from Fulham, who actually spends more of her time making pretty hats, was invited by Ascot Racecourse to create a hat to be auctioned off for frontline charities during next week’s Royal Ascot meeting, which is being held behind closed doors this year. You can check out her design here and bid on it here when the auction opens on Tuesday. I am slightly biased, but I think it is pretty rad and is for a great cause!

Are you doing something amazing to benefit a charity/community that we can give a shout-out to? Do get in touch! We are happy to help and promote it if we can.

Ask the Team

Tying into our education theme that seems to be happening on a Thursday, we will be taking the opportunity to answer some of the questions we receive from our clients and readers. Got something about chiropractic that you would like to know more about? Have a health-related query we might be able to help with? Feel free to fire us back and we will answer it for you and everybody else!

That’s it for this week, and maybe for a while from me as I have been accused of being a little too relaxed in writing these! Stay tuned for Mindful Monday – possibly with a guest editor over the next couple of weeks if we can convince Ami-Bree to write one (nudge, nudge)!

Stay alert, stay safe and DEFINITELY stay off the beers before lunch if you are WFH!



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