Another week flying by! We have a bit of front-of-house to get through this week so are giving the podcast and shameless plug a rest today, owing to the length of this. But Michael is back (with a little poetry!) to continue his tour of your spine so please read on…

Clinic Updates

Fulham – Sammy is off for the day tomorrow (Friday 19th

Marylebone – Luke is off for the day on Friday 26th.


To keep this simple I’ll run through it clinic by clinic. If you need to be seen, but cannot get in at your usual clinic, please do get in touch. We would be more than happy to look after you at another location!


Good Friday 2nd – Open morning (Bryan)

Saturday 3rd – Open morning (George)

Easter Sunday 4thClosed

Monday 5th – Open morning (Bryan)


Good Friday 2ndClosed

Saturday 3rd – Open morning & lunch (Michael)

Easter Sunday 4th – Open morning & lunch (Zara)

Monday 5th – Open all day (Zara)


Good Friday 2ndClosed

Saturday 3rd – Open morning & lunch (Silva)

Easter Sunday 4thClosed as usual

Monday 5th – Open all day as usual


Good Friday 2nd – Open all day (Brad)

Saturday 3rd – Open morning & lunch (Brad)

Easter Sunday 4th – Open morning & lunch (Gopal)

Monday 5th – Open evening (Gopal & Alex)


Good Friday 2ndClosed 

Saturday 3rd – Open morning (Filippo)

Easter Sunday 4thClosed as usual

Monday 5th – Open morning (Katie & Filippo)

Rescheduling/cancellation policy

Reiterating from last week – please do contact us if you cannot make it for your appointment. Our waiting lists are actually quite long at the moment and it means we can get someone else in.

Given we are extremely busy, we cannot always guarantee the days/times you want will be available. Please do confirm what your practitioner recommends and book well in advance to avoid disappointment, particularly on a weekend.

Traffic issues – Putney and Fulham

Both practices are suffering from the scourge of increased car use combined with roadworks, which have resulted in loads of traffic, detours, lane closures and people becoming stressed as they are running late.

Given we are trying to keep to time as much as possible, please do leave a bit earlier if the car/cab/bus is a must.

However! We would certainly like to encourage you to walk/cycle if possible when coming to see us. It will be MUCH more pleasant, reliable, and healthier for you! (And possibly even faster.)

Podcast of the Week

The Chiro.London Pod, proudly fuelled by Ground Coffee Society, is taking a breather this week but will be back soon with some fresh content.

Until then, you can catch up on any episodes you’ve missed on our website, Spotify, Apple and Google, too.

Vertebra of the Week

Not content with dropping knowledge in the regular way, Michael’s tour of your spine takes an interesting twist this week as we continue along the thoracic region…


You may ask, now why is this a rhyme?

Because it’s so important and, well, we have the time!

T3 has nerves connecting to the lungs, bronchial tubes, pleura and chest

which means that they also connect to the breast.

If you find your spine is tight there,

you’re unlikely to be as fit and as quick as a hare.

Bronchitis, pneumonia, influenza, congestion,

and pleurisy are all horrible – without question.

A problem at T3 may just mean

the ability for one of these nasties to intervene.

So look after your body, nervous system and spine

and everything should be just fine.

Shameless Plug of the Week

Will be back next week as this email is WAY too long already and they are about to jump at Cheltenham. Want a tip? Feel free to email me back and we can lose together!

That is me done for another week. We’ll be back with some more fun stuff next Thursday so look after yourselves and see you then.



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