Another week flying by with some easing! Hope you are all responsibly enjoying some newfound freedoms

. We have a few updates to get through again this week and Craig has been busy, so the pod is disappearing again. Meanwhile, Michael reaches the grand finale of the thoracic region, and we have a plug of eco-friendly, zero waste bulk food stores we like!

Clinic Updates

Mostly about moving parts regarding Sammy from Fulham abandoning us all

. Just a reminder that she is in clinic until Thursday, June 3rd and is not taking on new patients, so Mike, Silva and Michael would be happy to look after anyone you would like to refer in to see us (and yes, we’re happy to honour the referral discount for both referrer and referee in this case!).

She is filling up rather rapidly, so I would suggest getting in ASAP if you would like to see her before she disappears. She is leaving extensive notes about you all and making some suggestions about who to carry on your care with, so you can continue to be looked after by one of our team when she goes. For some of you, we may even suggest an alternate clinic and practitioner, who may be a better fit and/or more convenient.

Laura and Bailey will be more than happy to facilitate this for you

. Any Q’s – don’t be shy, do get in touch: [email protected]

Bank holiday Monday, 31st May
Fulham – Open morning (Mike)

Kew – Open evening (Gopal)

Marylebone – Open morning (Katie & Massage)

Tooting – Open morning/lunch (Zara)

Putney – Open morning (Bryan) – please note we will be closed Sunday 30th

Staff holidays

Bit to get through coming up…
Fulham – Mike is off 28th May, back 31st
Kew – Brad is off 24th May, back 1st June; Paul is off 28th May, back 7th June
Marylebone – Luke is off 31st May, back 7th June
Tooting – Erana is off 31st May, back 3rd June
Putney – Craig is off 29th May, back 7th June

Vertebra of the Week

After a lengthy spell in the thoracic region, we’ve finally arrived at our last vertebra there! It’s time to get to know…


Take a deep breath all the way into your belly. And slowly breathe out. Use your belly to breathe. In and out. What is it you feel?

In practice, we see a lot of people who do not breathe the right way – by using the diaphragm and moving the belly.

Most people will breathe into their chest. When chest breathing, you recruit all the accessory muscles needed for breathing. Those muscles will strain, while the diaphragm is underused. I would argue that it’s one of the most important muscles in your body. The T12 vertebra and its adjacent ribs are the anchor and attachment point for your diaphragm.

The nerves exciting here also talk to your small intestine and lymph circulation, and issues with digestion after eating and rheumatism could be contributed to the nerves malfunctioning in this area.

Shameless Plug of the Week

We’re all for sustainable living and looking after the environment, so when Tom from Team Marylebone told us about this awesome zero waste shop in North London, where you can refill containers with as little or as much as you want of all sorts of things, from pasta and pulses to laundry liquid and olive oil, we thought it was a no-brainer. Not wanting to leave our South-Westers out, we’ve compiled a list of other similar stores to help you reduce waste on your weekly shop.


Selling everything from pantry staples to spices to snacks, you’ll find their shop on Holloway Road where you can buy in store or, if you are tight on time, just drop your jars off and they will fill them for you to collect later. You can also shop online and have your order delivered.


For our Fulham friends, you’ll find BYGRAM on Fulham Road, selling a range of eco-friendly products and organic foods in bulk. They also sell their own vegan and gluten-free ready meals, prepared by a local chef, which can be delivered to your door.


Located inside Tooting Market, BYO encourages you to do exactly that – bring your own container, weigh it, then fill it with whatever takes your fancy from their range of whole foods, household detergents and toiletries, and only pay for what you take.

The Source

The Source have tons of shops worldwide, but you’ll find their newest on Putney High Street. They also count Battersea, Chiswick and Richmond among their other locations and if these aren’t near enough, you can buy online as well. You can find some great tips on how to reduce waste in your life on their website, too.

Sorry, this was a pretty long and boring one. Should have some fun and exciting ones for you again over the next few weeks!

Have a great week,


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