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Morning all,

Another week nearing its end – apparently there was even a day off included in it… CRAZY! We are back with another Thoughtful Thursday and a lil change of pace. As I have been accused of rambling on… and on… and on… I thought we should pass this week’s Thoughtful Thursday over to the docs for their, errr, thoughts?

Doc Craig, flying in the face of what everyone really needs right now, has been having a coffee and a chat with one of our Docs each week about Chiropractic philosophy, how they practise and some hints and tips for your overall health and wellbeing, and turning them into… a podcast!

We will share these with you each Thursday here but, as a few of you already might know, these chats also happen LIVE on our Instagram story. We’ll announce the details of our live chats on the Chiro.London Instagram account, so stay tuned.

They are a lil raw at the moment while we find our groove, but we hope it will prove to be a valuable tool to help you all when you are not with us, and provide a platform to answer any questions you may have on different topics. We would greatly appreciate your help to provide some topics for discussion, so feel free to email us suggestions and ideas (or tell us to stop if you think it is of not much interest!).

You can find our latest podcast with Doc Grant (aka our resident McDreamy) here, along with Doc Craig’s previous chats with Doc Michael and Doc Ami that offer some great insights into what we do.

Next up is Doc Paul on Friday afternoon (time TBC) on the Insta live feed (yes, he is on Instagram and we are aiming to launch his career as a influencer soon, haha). As a British Chiro who has been practising longer than I have been alive, it should be quite the interesting conversation. If you miss it, you can always catch it on our IGTV feed (click the little TV icon next to “Posts”) and don’t worry, we will shamelessly flog it here the following Thursday so you can catch up then!

Don’t forget, we remain open to help you with a chat on the phone, home guidance or even an adjustment. I am running remote reception myself with Katie and Kayleigh and have a LOT of boring paperwork at the moment, so please do feel free to call for a chat so I can blag that off, as I would much rather chat to you!

As always, stay safe, stay alert and stay off the beers before lunch during the week if you are working from home. You know who you are!

Till next time,


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