It’s MAY! Hope everyone did not get blown away by the wind over the weekend. Classic bank holiday, am I right?! In this week’s pod, Craig speaks to a ninja, we reach double digits in the thoracic region, and we have Laura (formerly of Marylebone fame) plugging and giving away some lovely oils that we use in the clinics!

Clinic Updates

We managed to get through a bit of a higgledy-piggledy bank holiday, but we are trying to be as well organised as possible about practitioner absences. However, given the madness over the last year and all of them having been at the coalface the whole time, we are ensuring they sneak off for R&R breaks when they can. Apologies if it seems a bit last-minute compared to usual, but we will ensure you are aware of absences and continue to be looked after.

Stay tuned next week for confirmations of people away towards the end of May for the next bank holiday.


PAYG fees went up on Tuesday 4th. All blocks remain as is for the time being.


The Chiro.London Pod, proudly fuelled by Ground Coffee Society, has quite a remarkable guest this week. Craig speaks to Tammy Parlour, who has been one of our regular clients for many years. Tammy walks us through what it’s like to dedicate yourself for over 30 years to become a master of Hapkido, a Korean martial art. Hapkido is a non-competitive martial art focusing on throws, kicks, punches and pressure point techniques blended with meditation.

If that’s not enough, she is also the founder of the Women’s Sport Trust, a charity promoting elite women in sport whose strap line is “Making women’s sport visible, viable and unstoppable.”

Tammy has been on our chiro tables for over a decade and she gives a fab description of how she feels chiropractic has helped her. She talks in terms of flow – when the flow is low, chiro is the go! At the age of 50 she had a hip replacement, and we follow that journey, along with her other chosen sport – masters powerlifting. AMAZING!

Check it out on our website, Spotify, Apple and Google.

Vertebra of the Week

Moving into double figures this week in Michael’s tour of your spine, which means we’ll be onto a new region before you know it! But first here’s…


The nerves at T10 connect the brain and spinal cord to your kidneys. Everyone knows that the kidneys are important for waste removal through the production of urine. But they don’t just eliminate the waste – the process is so complex so the body can retain all the sodium and potassium needed to keep stable levels.

Other functions include:

Removing drugs from the bodyBalancing body fluidsReleasing hormones that regulate blood pressureProducing an active form of vitamin D that promotes healthy bonesControlling the production of red blood cells

So they do a bit more than ‘just’ produce urine!

Shameless Plug of the Week

Have really appreciated the response to this over the last few weeks. I was looking to pull the pin, but it appears everyone seems to be finding it helpful, so will carry on! This week Laura aka @flaurish is plugging her essential oils and having a chat about how they work, and there might even be a little competition at the end…

Are you or someone you know curious about essential oils?

Come and explore them with me on Saturday, May 22nd at 10am where we will be talking about Sleep Hygiene and Emotional Steadiness, and how essential oils can support your systems, both physically and emotionally.

When signing up you will receive four beautifully delicious samples of doTERRA essential oils, to be used during our class, where you will learn about the doTERRA difference and share some simple rituals to support emotional steadiness and sleep hygiene that you can implement immediately into your routines.

So come along, invite a friend, colleague, anyone who you think would benefit – we love nothing more than to share our love and passion for this plant magic!

RSVP by May 18th – DM on Instagram to book your space

Contribution £10

Saturday May 22nd at 10am in the Zoom room

For readers of the Chiro.London newsletter, I am also giving away a 5ml trio of lavender, lemon and peppermint oils plus the Brevi Diffuser in stone – this is a super cute diffuser on limited offer. It’s a great way to get started diffusing and using the oils.

I am also throwing in a 30-minute consult with me to go through how to use them!

Simply follow both of us (@flaurish and and like this post about the essential oils talk, and I will pick someone at random to win the prize on Wednesday, May 12th.

Given it’s been a rather long one today, that’s it for another week! Stay dry and see you next Thursday.


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