chiropractic webinar helps establish you as an expert in the health care field while attracting new customers

Some of the most common forms of digital marketing involve the use of social media, instituting email campaigns, and writing blog posts to increase your website’s search engine rank. Another option to add to this list — and one that can help you increase your number of chiropractic patients — is a chiropractic webinar.

Webinars are used regularly within the educational realm, enabling professionals to receive training on a specific topic without having to appear in person or travel. You can also use them to attract new patients as this particular marketing method offers several advantages.

Benefits of a chiropractic webinar

One of the top benefits of holding a webinar is that it provides a platform for delivering important health-based information to prospective patients. This helps establish you as an expert in the health care field. By providing value, it also positions you as a doctor who truly cares about your patients.

This makes you and your practice more appealing from a consumer standpoint. It also enables you to “sell” your services and products in a more indirect way. During the course of your chiropractic webinar, you can provide information that addresses the sales-related objections you face most often. This makes doing business with you a more natural choice.

Another benefit of using webinars is that it gives your audience a chance to get to know you better. The three keys to marketing success involve your target patient base getting to like, know, and trust you and webinars are a great avenue for this purpose. Viewers get to see how you interact with others, giving them a better idea of how you will interact with them.

If you have limited office space, holding an online webinar also enables you to tend to a larger audience than if you were to hold an in-person informational session. It also provides access to more online technologies that can make your webinar more engaging.

Picking your webinar topic

If you are interested in using webinars to bring in new patients, picking the right topic is critical. This will depend largely on what types of patients you’d like to attract.

For example, if you want to build your base of athletic patients, good webinar topics might include stretches or exercises that can help prevent some of the most common sports injuries or which supplements can satisfy an active person’s expanded nutritional needs.

If your target audience is families, you could develop a webinar that shares the benefit of chiropractic at all stages of life — from birth to older age. Another option would be to discuss some ideas of how families can get more physically active together, improving each member’s health and wellness.

Tips for promoting your chiropractic webinar

Once you’ve decided what topic your chiropractic webinar will cover, the next step is to promote it. This is where some of your other digital marketing efforts come into play. Post notifications on your social media pages and send an email to your current patients, encouraging them to pass it along to anyone they know who may be interested.

You can also reach a larger audience by sharing your webinar with other local health care providers. Ask them to promote it to their online followers or request to hang a flyer in their office. This gives you access to people that you don’t currently interact with, whether in person or online.

Getting people to sign up

The next step is to find ways to make prospective patients want to sign up for your webinar. In addition to focusing on a topic that is important to them, this might involve offering some type of incentive, increasing their willingness to attend.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

Promising a special offer to attendees, to be delivered at the conclusion of the webinar, such as a reduced first visit rate or a discount on products discussed during the informational session.Having a big-name guest appear in your webinar who would be compelling to your target audience. This could be an expert on the topic you plan to discuss or an influencer in that topic area who has a large social media following.Providing some type of gift for attending. This doesn’t have to be a high-cost item either. Type up a small informational booklet on the topic and offer that to attendees. Include points that you don’t talk about during the webinar, giving them even more reason to want this gift.

The importance of post-webinar follow-up

After you hold your seminar, don’t forget to follow up with all of those who attended. Let them know that you are there to answer any questions they may have while, at the same time, encouraging them to schedule an appointment.

It’s often said that it takes seven touches to get a prospective consumer to make a buy. Following up on a topic that your target audience cares about is one way to reach that amount. Even if they don’t make an appointment right away, keeping in touch increases the likelihood that they will down the road. It also keeps you at the forefront of their mind, making you the natural choice when they are ready to take action.

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