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nSomething affects a woman’s body like pregnancy. People often think of the hormones, changed dietary needs, and stretch marks. But we often overlook the fact that their body structure changes to make room for the growing baby. A woman’s entire posture changes during pregnancy: her stomach rounds, the curve of her back becomes more pronounced. Your center of gravity shifts forward and the ligaments loosen. It’s no wonder all of these changes can cause skeletal differences that can be painful. Drs. George and Stefanie Olar from 360 Chiropractic in Lacey treat many pregnant women to make them feel more comfortable during pregnancy.

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“Chiropractic is essential for the pregnant mother,” explains Dr. Stefanie. “Your systems and organs are now taking care of two, and their optimal function is critical to the baby’s healthy development. The mother’s spine and pelvis are subject to many changes and adjustments to compensate for the growing baby, and the risk of her nervous system being disturbed is increased. “

The Webster technique

For anyone who works with pregnant women in any profession, it is important to know the specific needs they may have. This is vital in chiropractic care. Dr. Larry Webster, founder of the International Chiropractic Pediatric Association (ICPA), developed the Webster technique after one of his daughters went through particularly long and arduous labor with their first child. The technique was specially developed to balance the pelvis and can be used on anyone who suffers from a malalignment of the pelvis, muscles and ligaments.

Chiropractors who wish to use this technique go through special training to gain certification. “Special chiropractic care during pregnancy improves the functioning of the nervous system and offers greater health potential for mother and baby,” says Dr. Stefanie, who is certified in the Webster technique. “The goal of the fitting is to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation / fall joint dysfunction. This improves the neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis. “

Pregnant women often suffer from pelvic girdle pain (PGP) or symphysis symphyseal dysfunction (SPD). This is due to the stiffness of the pelvic joints or the uneven movement of the joints with the front or back of the pelvis. 360 Chiropractic doctors can relieve pelvic discomfort and optimize the mother’s pelvic function for safer and easier childbirth. Rachael H. has been a patient at 360 Chiropractic for about 10 years. “I’m in my second pregnancy right now,” she says. “I have Dr. George and Dr. Stefanie seen during my two pregnancies and can warmly recommend her to any pregnant woman. I experienced adjustments through both pregnancies and it helped me so much with the discomfort! My birth with my first child only took seven hours and I believe it was due to Dr. George and Dr. Stefanie. “

360 Lacey Chiropractic Pregnancy AdjustmentsCourtesy Photo: 360 Chiropractic

Some may think that feeling uncomfortable is only part of pregnancy, but Drs. George and Stefanie know that’s not true. An unbalanced pelvis can affect the functioning of the uterine nerve and can even prevent a baby from being in the optimal position for birth. According to the ICPA, the Webster Technique helps achieve a state of equilibrium in the pelvis that can contribute to a safer and easier labor outcome … (Dr. Webster) found that for the most part when women were breeched, these babies would do so Turn into the more desirable, head-down position! “

“During my first pregnancy, I was with Dr. George at 360 Chiropractic in chiropractic treatment and I really believe this helped make my delivery so smooth and unnecessarily uneventful, “says Tina V.” Dr. George is competent and knowledgeable in specific chiropractic techniques that are incredibly helpful during pregnancy. I am currently pregnant with my second and don’t know what I would do without my chiropractic care! “

Certified doctors like Dr. Help Stefanie Alleviate the Causes of Dystocia for Safer Births by contributing to ICPA’s ongoing research. You will work supportively and cooperatively with your midwife, doula and obstetrician to increase the chance of a better birth experience. It is an obligation to help women and children that both Drs. George and Stefanie mean business.

An unbalanced pool is no fun. It can cause back pain, groin pain, and even make walking difficult … and this is for everyone. In pregnant women, pelvic imbalance, in addition to daily discomfort, can also cause problems with the birth process. The Webster Technique helps balance the pelvis to correct sacral subluxations and sacral iliac dysfunction. When these things are corrected, positive changes can occur, including correcting baby misalignments, pelvic contractions, and dystocia.

To learn more, visit the ICPA website. To make an appointment, visit the 360 ​​Chiropractic website or call 360.923.0360.

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