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Baby, Back, Ribs: Why Your Newborn (and You) Should See A Chiropractor

By Sara Butler

Being a new mom is tough. Your whole life is turned upside down by a little person – and you couldn’t be happier about it. From the moment you see your new bundle of joys, you have a mission in life: to keep you healthy and happy.

Chiropractic treatment can be an effective tool in helping you accomplish your new mission as a mother. In fact, there are many ways that chiropractic care can be beneficial for your new child and for you as a new mom. Here are some of the things new mothers should be aware of regarding chiropractic care.

Benefits of chiropractic care for babies and toddlers

It is not uncommon for those new to the world of chiropractic to think that it takes a certain age to see the chiropractor for the first time. The right age to see the chiropractor really is from day one.

Even toddlers as young as a few days old can benefit from chiropractic care – and it’s a great way to make their transition into the world and each subsequent phase a little smoother.

Some of the benefits that you can expect for your child when it comes to regular chiropractic treatment are:

  • A healthy immune system – Babies and toddlers are small petri dishes. Walking through the seasons and the diseases that come with them can be a challenge for any parent. Regular chiropractic care has been shown to support a healthy and optimally functioning immune system.
  • Better sleep – When you have a baby, there is one thing you learn to miss very much: sleep. Most babies and toddlers are known to have poor sleepers, but chiropractic care can help them sleep better and healthier at night.
  • Relaxation – It may be strange to think of babies and toddlers as stressed, but keep in mind that they can experience stress and it can often affect their behavior. Regular chiropractic adjustments make it possible to relieve your child’s body of stress to improve mood and behavior.
  • Help for toddlers – If you have a baby with colic, a baby with frequent ear infections, or simply a baby who is having difficulty breastfeeding, chiropractic care can help resolve many of the problems associated with infants at these very early stages of development.
  • Recovery from birth trauma Birth is not easy and babies can benefit from chiropractic adjustments that help alleviate some of the joint restrictions in the spine, ribs, and other joints that can result from the birth process.

Just one thing. Chiropractic adjustments in babies and young children are not the same as in adults; they are small bodies and the adjustments are scaled accordingly.

What about you mama

As a new mom or even a mom with newborn children, it can be easy to focus on your children and their wellbeing without thinking too much. The kicker is that in order to be the best mom for your child, you need to have some energy and focus on yourself – some chiropractic can help!

Your body changes a lot right after a baby is born. Many women struggle with pain and discomfort related to hormonal changes, as well as physical changes in the body such as:

  • Back pain

  • Loosened ligaments

  • Shifts in body weight distribution

  • Posture changes

  • Pinched nerves

  • Differences in equilibrium

With all of these things – and more – chiropractic care can help make the postpartum recovery process faster and easier. With targeted chiropractic adjustments, The Joint Chiropractic chiropractors can help alleviate postpartum discomfort. Your body can function optimally again even before the birth of your child and you are ideally positioned to cope with the demands of motherhood.

Adaptation to motherhood

Young mothers often complain of pain after giving birth. In addition to carrying your newborn all day, you now have all of their belongings to lug around and things to move around the house all the time. Many of these repetitive movements cause problems for new mothers, such as:

  • Staggering while holding a baby

  • Leaning over the cot

  • Bend over or crouch while feeding the baby

  • Hanging around when you strap a baby in a car seat

  • Carrying a child on your hip

  • Spend a lot of time leaning forward or sitting while you care for the baby

  • Lull a baby to sleep

Neck, back, hip and shoulder pain are not uncommon complaints for mothers. The Joint’s chiropractors are experts at releasing joint restrictions so your body can function and heal the way it was intended.

Motherhood is exciting and scary, but at the end of the day you have that perfect little person who you have no problem being proud of for bringing them into this world. Work hard now with the help of The Joint Chiropractic chiropractors to ensure they have the best start in life – and you have the best start to motherhood.

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